Buying Viagra and other medications online

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How to Buy Medications Safely Online

Any online pharmacy which is selling medicines, must now be registered to sell online with the MHRA (Medicines Health and Regulatory Authority) and the GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council). These bodies help regulate pharmacies and medicine wholesalers and providers in the UK, to keep you, the customer, safe. Our number one priority is always the health and safety of our patients, and so you will be asked to fill in online assessment forms to make sure the medicine you are requesting is safe for you.

With our online doctor service, our doctor (or for some pharmacy medicines, our pharmacist), will review your assessment, to make sure they feel the treatment is safe for you to use. It is therefore important that you answer all questions honestly and as fully as possible, to make sure our health professional can safely approve your medicines.

Buying medicines online, whether it be Viagra for ED, Champix for stopping smoking, Azithromycin for chlamydia, or Orlistat for weight loss, can sometimes provide you with dilemmas over the safety and trust worthiness of a site. The pitfalls of online medicines are well publicised, with many people ordering medicines from sites abroad, with questionable credentials. Counterfeit medicines have sometimes infiltrated the UK market, and so the MHRA work to prevent and find any such medicines. As an online pharmacy, it is also our job to make sure that we only deal with reputable wholesalers in the UK, who are also registered with the MHRA. We deal with wholesalers such as Alliance Healthcare and AAH Pharmaceuticals (wholesalers to Boots and Lloyds respectively), to make sure that your medicine is obtained from reliable and trusted sources.

Whichever online doctor and pharmacy you choose to use, be sure to check that they display the MHRA and GPhC logos, to give you confidence that you will receive safely sourced medicines.