Many men experience erectile dysfunction (ED), but not everyone wants to use medication to treat ED. Various options, including penis rings and penis pumps, can help you to maintain an erection without using medication.

Penis rings can be used alone or with a penis pump depending upon the nature of your ED. If you can get an erection, but you find it difficult to keep it hard enough for penetration, a penis ring may be enough for you. However, if you find it difficult to get an erection in the first place, a penis pump with a penis ring may be needed.

A penis pump works by creating a vacuum that draws blood into your penis. When you have an erection, you can then use a penis ring to keep the blood in the penis. The penis ring is usually a silicone band that constricts the base of the penis to keep the blood inside the penis. This can be an effective way to maintain a harder erection, however, it is important that you do not use a penis ring for more than 30 minutes, as disruption of the blood flow for any longer could cause damage.

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