One of the rarest hay fever symptoms is a cough, often caused by excess mucus or throat irritation. If you experience a cough alongside hay fever symptoms, the two are likely related. So if you think your cough is related to hay fever, then you should be able to treat it at home with over the counter medication.

The best way to treat a cough is to use a cough suppressant. Hay fever tends to resolve itself, once you have moved away from the allergens. But, if you are unable to do so, your cough may persist. If you experience a persistent cough, you should consider talking to a doctor or using our online consultation service to find out what treatments are available to you.

Antihistamines (such as CetirizineNeoclarityn, or Loratadine) are usually recommended to help you fight hay fever symptoms. This should reduce the intensity of your symptoms, and it can, therefore, also treat the cough at the same time. Cough drops or cough syrup are also good ways to treat any cough directly, that does not necessarily involve antihistamines.

If you are concerned about your cough or any other symptoms of hay fever, talk to a doctor or contact one of our doctors using our online consultation service to receive some advice. Hay fever can affect everyone in different ways, so often it is helpful to get some expert advice on how to deal with yours.

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