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We are delighted to announce a new pill organisation service for NHS patients who are on 4 or more repeat medications.

This FREE service helps you get on top of both the organisation of your daily dosages and the ordering of your medication. You can be delivered a free pill box each month.

Instead of you organising your tablets each day, or each week, we can do this for you!

Our pill packing service will organise and deliver 28 days worth of your medication sorted by date and time. This means you will no longer have to spend time popping your own pills each day or each week.

In addition, our handy online reordering process will remind you of when you need to lodge your reorder request. With just a single click or tap of a button, you will be able to receive your monthly pack, straight to your door. Did we mention this is free? You don’t pay a penny.

If you don’t like the look of the pill boxes, well we can also organise your medication into dosette boxes. These are more commonly seen in pharmacies across the country and are a similar concept. Your medication is organised by day and time, however instead of pouches, your medication is in a disposable card / plastic trays.

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