Stop Smoking This October With #Stoptober!

The Stopbtober campaign got underway with the outlawing of smoking cigarettes in car’s with children under 18. The dangers of second hand smoke are well documented, and it’s great progress.From asthma to cot death, the hazards that second hand smoke create are very real.

In cars, particularly if windows are closed, but even if they are open, the enclosed space makes for a worryingly high exposure to the pollutants which second hand smoke creates. On average, a child in the backseat of a car journey with a smoker, will be exposed to pollution levels three times that of the recommended European standard. This number can be far greater if windows are closed, or just slightly open.

So stop smoking this October! You can sign up to Stopbtober now, or visit your local GP or Pharmacy. Another option is the Simple Online Pharmacy Online Doctor service, to buy champix tablets online. This is a private service, and so costs apply.