What is Cerelle?

Cerelle is a type of contraceptive pill known as the progesterone-only pill or the ‘mini pill’. Most contraceptive pills contain synthetic versions of both oestrogen and progesterone, but mini-pills, such as Cerelle do not contain any oestrogen. This means that they can be taken by women who could not take the other type of contraceptive pill (the combined contraceptive pill), such as smokers or women who suffer from migraines.


Can you buy Cerelle over the counter in the UK?

Cerelle is not available over the counter in the UK, you will need a prescription to get Cerelle. This is because, Cerelle can increase your risk of certain health conditions, so it is important that you are low risk for these before you take Cerelle. You can get a prescription for Cerelle from a sexual health centre, a family planning clinic or your GP. Once you have been prescribed Cerelle, you will need a regular check-up with a nurse or doctor to ensure that the pill is not having any negative effects on your health. You will also be able to get a repeat prescription from an online pharmacy, such as Dr Felix.


Alternative treatments

There are a number of alternative contraceptive options including:

  • The combined contraceptive pill
  • The diaphragm
  • The implant
  • Contraceptive patches (Evra)
  • Contraceptive injections (Depo-provera)
  • Vaginal rings (NuvaRing)
  • Condoms.

Only condoms will also protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, it is worth considering other contraceptive options to further reduce your chance of pregnancy or if you and your partner know you are free from STDs.