Metformin is typically used to treat type 2 diabetes. While some people may use it for other purposes (such as treating polycystic ovarian syndrome), it is only medically recommended for type 2 diabetes (T2D) treatment.

This drug offers several benefits, particularly in controlling blood sugar levels. It reduces the overall blood sugar levels in the body, which can prove useful for dealing with hypertension, but even in cases where the patient has hypertension, doctors are not likely to recommend the drug for treatment, unless the patient has T2D.

That’s why people who attempt to use Metformin for weight loss usually do so outside the recommendation of their doctors. They are usually purchasing this drug without their doctor’s consent or knowledge and using it in a way that it isn’t intended for.


Does Metformin Help People Lose Weight?

It is true that you can lose weight with this drug without having to put a lot of work into dieting and exercise. That’s because the drug lowers your blood sugar levels and decreases your appetite by dampening your hunger signals. So, when you take Metformin, your body isn’t as likely to let you know when you should be hungry, and the compulsion to eat will not be as strong. That means you may not eat as much when you do get hungry.

However, this is really a secondary benefit, and it is not meant to be the primary purpose of this drug. People who have type 2 diabetes and take Metformin are likely to lose weight, but they should think of that as an added benefit and not as the reason to use the drug.

Metformin might not be as effective at causing weight loss as many people are hoping. While it can be incredibly potent for weight loss, it can also be easily hindered by the foods you eat. If you are eating a diet that is high in sugar, then you aren’t likely to enjoy many of the benefits of this drug. Your eating habits will be counterproductive to what the drug is trying to do.

Is It Safe for Weight Loss?

If you are trying to use Metformin solely for weight loss, then you aren’t going to get much help from pharmacists or doctors. They already know how dangerous it can be to use a drug like this if it is not medically necessary. There are other drugs that can be used to help shed weight, that work differently and are not as dangerous. Since Metformin lowers your blood sugar levels, it has the potential to lower them to such a degree that you experience lactic acidosis. This is a life-threatening condition, and it’s something your doctor will be watching for if you are using the drug they have recommended.

If you feel like you need medical assistance to lose weight, then let your doctor. know. There may be alternatives you can use to help lose weight that won’t hold as much danger for you.

What you will find is that no doctor or pharmacist is going to recommend you use Metformin for weight loss. That should tell you all you need to know about how potentially dangerous it can be to use this drug in that way.