Vagifem is a hormone treatment tailored for women experiencing uncomfortable vaginal symptoms due to menopause. Vagifem effectively addresses issues like dryness, itching, and irritation by delivering a localised dose of oestrogen directly to the vaginal area.

Here, you’ll find Vagifem reviews from patients who have used the treatment to manage their menopause symptoms. These firsthand accounts provide insights into the effectiveness of Vagifem and how it has improved their quality of life.

For those considering Vagifem, we emphasise the importance of thoroughly reviewing the patient information leaflet. This document contains crucial information regarding usage, side effects, and contraindications, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of Vagifem before starting treatment.

Patient Trustpilot Reviews

Real patient reviews will appear here in a feed as they are collected. Both positive and negative reviews are available, and you can filter by star rating, to read both good and bad experiences with the treatment.

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More About Vagifem

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