• Pharma Nord K-Pearls 60 capsules

Pharma Nord K-Pearls 60 capsules

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Product features

  • Contributes to bone health maintenance.
  • Oil capsules for maximum absorbtion.
  • Regulates the calcification of bones, kidneys, and blood vessels, which may help prevent heart disease.


Why Pharma Nord Vitamin K2?


Vitamin K2 is an important vitamin to assist with the maintenance of bone health, cardiovascular and the prevention of blood clots.  Vitamin K2 stays active in the body longer which allows it to reach more tissue and keep calcium mobile in the body.

It is recommended to take supplement with K2 during the postmenopausal phase as vitamin K is important for the maintenance of good bone health. 




What does vitamin K2 do?

Vitamin K dependant proteins and calcium placement is aided by Vitamin K2.  Vitamin K ensures that calcium mobility and placement in the body in to the bones can be achieved.  Additional benefits of vitamin K can contribute to classification and the avoidance of calcium deposited in to the blood vessels, which can result in hardening of the arteries which can lead to various cardiovascular health problems.

What are the  Benefits of vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 can offer benefit to those looking to take care fo their bone and circulatory health.  Healthcare officials and experts have suggested that that a large proportion of the population in the UK have less than sufficient levels of vitamin K2.  K2 levels required to maintain normal blood clotting may not be enough to maintain healthy bone or blood vessels.

Factors contributing to deficiency in Vitamin K include poor diet,ageing, excessive alcohol consumption, malabsorption and certain medicines. 

Info Leaflet

An information leaflet is included within the pack.

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From £18.48
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