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What is Nourkrin Man?

Nourkrin man is a vitamin formulated to fight hair loss associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Hair loss is associated with many factors including genetics, hormones, certain medicines, stress and nutritional gaps. The body requires a number of vitamins to fight the onset of hair loss and promote a healthy hair growth cycle. Nourkrin man fills nutritional gaps to send the hair follicles into their new hair growth cycle.

Nourkrin boasts a drug-free hair loss treatment as it contains a specific formulation of vitamins and minerals unlike some other hair loss treatments. This makes it suitable for men who are more drug conscious, those who cannot take pharmaceutical treatments or men who would like to use it in combination with pharmaceutical treatments such as Finasteride and Minoxidil (Regaine).

How does Nourkrin work?

Nourkrin works by addressing dietary deficiencies in vitamins. Deficiencies of vitamins can cause hair growth disruption by altering the hair growth cycle. Nutrients such as biotin, zinc, iron, silica and Marilex are all linked to hair loss and growth.

Nourkrin contains a unique Marilex formula that includes multiple of these important ingredients.


Unlike other hair loss vitamins that have dubious evidence for their effectiveness, Nourkrin has more than 100 studies looking at it or its active ingredients for its formulation. The general consensus of their studies concluded that if the diet was not sufficient in providing all the nutrients needed to support the hair growth cycle then Nourkrin was effective at increasing hair density by 35.7% after a minimum of 6 months of treatment.

This left most men satisfied with the results when compared to the group getting placebo tablets.

It must be noted, like other hair loss treatments, it takes time to work. Results may not be noticeable for the first 6 months as hair will take time to recover and grow. The studies found that results continued to improve with long term treatment.


Take TWO tablets daily with a glass of water after food. Take ONE tablet in the morning and ONE in the evening daily for a minimum of 6 months for noticeable results.

Visible hair loss symptoms such as thinning areas take time to get noticeably thicker. It is recommended to take Nourkrin for at least 6 to 12 months or until satisfied. If you are able to fill the vitamin deficiencies in your diet, these tablets may no longer be necessary however if you stop taking them and the dietary gaps remain, hair loss may resume at its previously experienced rates.

Nourkrin Summary


Take ONE tablet TWICE daily with water after food.

Type of medicine

Hair Loss Vitamin


Provides vitamins essential in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth

Available Size

60 to 180 Tablets

Active Ingredients

Marilex-M, Silica, Fenugreek, Biotin


From £33.00

Side Effects

No known side effects


60 Tablets - One Month


180 Tablets - 3 Months



There is a multitude of available vitamins for hair, skin and nails but very few have strong evidence. Simple Online Pharmacy supports the use of treatments that we are satisfied will give you the best results.

For this reason, we recommend Nourkrin as an evidence-based vitamin supplement for hair loss. Viviscal similarly has an evidence base as a hair loss vitamin and can also be recommended as an alternative.

Nourkrin also comes in a women’s formulation which contains slightly different active ingredients and strengths tailored to women's needs.

For over the counter and prescription medicine alternatives, Finasteride and Minoxidil (Regaine) are available after an online doctors consultation. All three of these treatments can be used together if appropriate as they target different causes of hair loss.

Nourkrin side effects

As Nourkrin only contains vitamins and minerals, it does not have any known side effects according to their studies over the last 30 years. In the unlikely event of an unexpected side effect, you should consider consulting a medical professional for advice.

This supplement may not be appropriate for those who are allergic to fish. If you experience any allergic reactions to the medicine, seek urgent medical assistance.


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Where can I buy Nourkrin?

You can buy Nourkrin online or from most high street pharmacies. Simple Online Pharmacy boasts a low price guarantee for the treatment.

How long does it take Nourkrin to work?

It will take 6 months of continued use for a noticeable result to be visible. Improvement should continue to improve after this point as well.

Nourkrin or Viviscal, which is best?

Based on the evidence they have, both should be relatively as effective as each other. Both provide sufficient evidence from studies that they work and which is better comes down to personal preference and of course, price.

Is Nourkrin available over the counter?

Yes, Nourkrin is a non-prescription medicine that can be supplied liberally in the UK. As it has no known side effects, it is considered safe to use.


Nourkrin Ingredients

Nourkrin contains the following ingredients per tablet:

Marilex®-M 360mg, Silica 55mg, Fenugreek 50mg and Biotin 90ug.

All ingredients contained in the tablets, including those that make up the tablet are:

Fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum), magnesium salts of fatty acids), glazing agents (polyvinyl alcohol; polyethylene glycol; talc), D-biotin, stabilisers (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), Marilex®-M (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans), silicon dioxide, colours (iron oxides; titanium dioxide).

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