Buscopan IBS Relief Tablets
  • Buscopan IBS Relief Tablets

Buscopan IBS Relief Tablets

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Medication features

  • Helps to relieve abdominal cramps
  • Targets the source of IBS pain
  • 10mg Tablets


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About Buscopan Tablets

Buscopan IBS Relief is an antispasmodic medication that provides fast and effective relief from IBS or the symptoms of IBS.

Buscopan uses hyoscine butylbromide as its active ingredient, which prevents the bowel from spasming. This means the cause of your symptoms is directly targeted, instead of simply covering up the symptoms.

How does Buscopan IBS Relief work?

Buscopan is an antispasmodic medication. This means it stops the muscles in your digestive system from cramping, while not affecting anywhere else. Once these muscles have relaxed, the pain and discomfort of IBS will be relieved.

How long does Buscopan IBS Relief take to work?

Buscopan normally starts working in 15-30 minutes.

Buscopan Dosage

This product is not recommended for children under 12 years old.

Adults and children over 12 years old - take 1 tablet three times a day. Swallow the tablet whole, with water. You may increase this dose to 2 tablets, 4 times a day if required.

Buscopan IBS Summary


Take ONE tablet three times a day or as directed

Type of medicine



Suppresses muscle spasms in the stomach

Active Ingredient

10mg Hyoscine Butylbromide


From £3.45

Side Effects

Can include dry mouth, skin reactions, changes to sweating, increased heartrate


Some patients may find that Buscopan isn’t as effective at treating their symptoms. There are a number of alternatives available, including;

Buscopan Side Effects

As with all medications, some users may experience side effects when using Buscopan - however, most will not.

Uncommon (affects fewer than 1 in 100 people) 

  • Dry mouth  
  • Abnormal sweating or reduced sweating
  • Skin reactions such as urticaria and pruritis (itching)  
  • Tachycardia (increased heart rate)

Please read the Patient Information Leaflet for a full list of possible side effects.

If you experience any of these side effects, stop taking this medication and speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Buscopan Reviews

After using any treatment, it's helpful to let others know about your experience. Reviews of an item help other users know that medicines received are genuine, how well the treatment worked or any issues to be aware of. We invite our users to leave a review of both their treatment and of the service provided. Click on the Reviews tab to see if there has been feedback on this item.

Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet.


Warnings for use of Buscopan 

Only take Buscopan IBS Relief if your doctor has diagnosed you with irritable bowel syndrome.

Take care if taking Buscopan with other medications, as this product may change the way they work. Check with your doctor before taking Buscopan with any other medications.

Do not take Buscopan IBS Relief if you;

  • Are allergic to hyoscine butylbromide or any of the other listed ingredients
  • Are intolerant to some sugars
  • Have glaucoma (an eye condition)
  • Have myasthenia gravis (a very rare muscle weakness problem)
  • Have a suspected or confirmed blockage of the bowel
  • Have paralytic or obstructive ileus (a bowel blockage condition)
  • Have an enlarged bowel (megacolon)
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

Speak to your doctor before using Buscopan IBS Relief if;

  • You are over 40 years old and it has been some time since your last attack of IBS, or the symptoms are different
  • You have recently passed blood from the bowel
  • You have severe constipation
  • You are feeling sick or vomiting
  • You have lost your appetite, or lost weight
  • You have difficulty or pain passing water
  • You have a fever
  • You have recently travelled abroad
  • You have a very fast heart rate or other heart problems
  • You have been treated by a doctor for a severe sweating problem

Check with your doctor if you experience unexplained abdominal pain which persists or worsens with;

  • Fever
  • Feeling sick or being sick
  • Changes in your bowel movements
  • Abdominal tenderness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Feeling faint
  • Blood in your bowel movements


Buscopan Ingredients

Active Ingredient - hyoscine butylbromide. 

Other Ingredients - calcium hydrogen phosphate, maize starch, soluble starch, colloidal silica, tartaric acid, stearic acid, sucrose, talc, acacia, titanium dioxide, macrogol 6000, carnauba wax, white beeswax and povidone.

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