Doublebase Wash Gel
  • Doublebase Wash Gel

Doublebase Wash Gel

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Product features

  • Moisturising Soap Substitute for Dry Skin Conditions
  • Also Helps with Itchy or Inflamed Skin
  • Non-Foaming & Fragrance-Free


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About Doublebase Wash Gel 

Doublebase Wash Gel is an emollient hand wash, designed as a soap substitute. When you experience dry skin conditions, you may find that ordinary soaps can irritate your skin. Frequently, it is the added fragrances and foaming agents that are the culprit. Doublebase Gel is fragrance-free, and contains no foaming agents (such as SLS), making it ideal for delicate and irritated skin.

Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel is designed to be used in place of these products. Not only will it help keep your hands clean, but it will also create a protective barrier, locking in moisture and restoring your skin’s natural protection. This helps to prevent the skin from exposure to further irritation.

Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel is designed to help treat dry or chapped skin conditions, moisturising and protecting sensitive skin.


Some patients may find that Doublebase Wash Gel isn’t as effective at treating their symptoms. Here at Simple Online Pharmacy, we have a number of alternatives available, including;

Practical Tips

Dry skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis can be difficult to live with at times. Follow these simple tips to help keep your conditions under control!

Avoid regular soap - most soaps will contain both perfumes.fragrances and a foaming agent. The most common foaming agent is SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), found in liquid soaps, toothpaste, even shampoo. SLS creates the distinctive lather of small bubbles in all of these products. SLS can also cause minor allergic reactions on the skin, which leads to a worsening of symptoms.
Be careful with hand sanitizer - while hand sanitizers can be useful, they can cause large amounts of damage to your skin. Their high alcohol content allows them to evaporate quicky. However, this evaporation also strips the skin of its natural oil layer, leading to further skin problems.
Warm, not hot water - similar to hand sanitizer, hot water can dissolve the oils on your skin, leaving your skin unprotected. As well as being more sensitive, your skin will be more prone to burning under hot water when it has no protection.
Don’t scratch - dry skin conditions can be incredibly itchy, and the feeling of an unscratched itch can be maddeningly distracting. However, scratching can cause further damage to your skin, especially if it is already delicate. Rather than scratching, try tapping the affected area. This activates the same skin receptors as scratching, while causing much less damage and pain. You can also try applying an emollient to the skin directly, as this can help soothe the itch.

Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel Reviews

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How does Doublebase Emollient Wash work?

Your skin produces a layer of natural oils. These oils help protect your skin from irritants, while also locking moisture into your skin to keep the cells healthy.

In dry skin conditions, the production of this oil layer can be disrupted, leading to skin drying out and causing damage. Even washing your hands with water can damage this layer, particularly if you are washing your hands frequently.

Doublebase uses paraffin and isopropyl myristate to help create an artificial barrier layer on  your skin. This allows your skin the chance to heal without further exposure to irritants, and lock in moisture to prevent skin from drying out.

What causes eczema?

Eczema can be caused by a number of factors;

  • Some forms of eczema are genetic, carried in families alongside other inheritable conditions such as asthma.
  • Some outbreaks can be caused by allergies; skin exposure to the allergen or as part of a larger, systemic reaction.
  • In some cases, even food allergies can play a part, particularly in younger children.
  • Sometimes, there may be no visible reason for eczema to develop. It can occur at any age, under a wide variety of circumstances.

Side Effects

Doublebase Emollient Hand Wash Gel Side Effects

As with all medications, some users may experience side effects when using Doublebase Wash Gel - however, most will not.

In rare cases, this product can cause skin irritation (mild rashes) or allergic skin reactions on extremely sensitive skin. This tends to occur during the first few applications of the product.

Stop using this product and seek to your doctor if you experience any of the following;

  • If your skin conditions looks or feels worse
  • If any of the side effects start getting serious
  • If you experience any side effects not listed here

If this product is swallowed, the oily ingredients may cause diarrhoea.  If this happens, simply treat it as any other case of diarrhoea. Drink plenty of water. Do not attempt to induce vomiting if swallowed.

Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at, or by contacting us.


How To Use Doublebase Wash Gel 

For best results, use this product any time you would use normal soap, including for regular hand washing.

Wash with this product the way you would any other liquid soap. 

Wet your hands, then press the pump to deliver a dose to your palm.

Rub across your hands, being sure to cover each finger.

Once applied, rinse off with water and pat your hands dry.

You should be able to feel the product on your skin, even after rinsing with water. This is the skin barrier, which helps to protect your skin.


Warnings for use of Doublebase Wash Gel 

Do not use this product if you are allergic to isopropyl myristate, liquid paraffin or any of the listed ingredients. 

This product is suitable for use with most other skin creams and emollient medications. However, you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist before using this product alongside any other skin care products.

Do not smoke or go near open flames once applied. Some of the ingredients of this product are flammable. Any clothing dressing or bedclothes exposed to this product should be treated as a fire risk. Please note, washing these products may reduce the build-up, but might not remove it completely.

Using this product in the bath or shower can create slippery surfaces. Take care when cleaning these areas. Avoid slipping by cleaning off any residue, and drying the area thoroughly with a towel.

This product can be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. The ingredients of this product are well-known and widely used without reports of problems. However, no safety trials have bee carried out.


Doublebase Wash Gel Ingredients

Active Ingredients - isopropyl myristate (15% w/w) and liquid paraffin (15% w/w). 

Other Ingredients - macrogol cetostearyl ether (cetomacrogol), glycerol, carbomer, sorbitan laurate, trolamine, phenoxyethanol and purified water

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