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Have you just landed in Sydney after a 24 hour journey, and need to go to a meeting the next morning? Or perhaps you have flown to Rio for carnival? Whichever destination you are arriving in to, crossing mulitiple time zones can cause your body clock to go haywire!

Circadin is a drug which contains melatonin (a natural hormone produced in the body), which helps regulates sleep and wakefulness. Circadin can boost the amount of this hormone in the body in the evening to reduce jet lag. Circadin is licensed in the UK to treat insomnia, however it is widely used across the world to treat jet lag.

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To read more about jet lag and how you can prevent or minimise it, read the NHS choices website.

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Jet Lag Treatments

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    Jet lag is a feeling of tiredness and confusion after long aircraft journeys. It is caused by arriving in a time zone which your ‘body clock’ is not adjusted to.

    Jet lag can often cause disruption to your sleep pattern for a few days. It can make you feel drowsy at time you would not normally feel drowsy, and cause lethargy.

    When crossing multiple time zones, it can be a good idea to:

    • Establish a new routine – immediately eat and sleep at the adjusted correct times for the new time zone. If you manage to stay awake until night time, and when you would normally sleep, this can help minimise jet lag.
    • Avoid napping as soon as you arrive – even if you’re tired after a long flight, staying active until the correct time to sleep will help your body adjust quicker
    • Get out!  – natural light will help your body adjust to a new routine. You’re probably somewhere beautiful anyway, so take advantage, and see the sights.

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