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We will arrange everything, from requesting your prescription from your GP, to arranging free delivery direct to your door.

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Please note: the expiry of the 2.5mg pen is end of May (05/24) and the expiry of the 5mg pen is end of June (06/24). Although each pen only lasts for one month, please be mindful of this particularly if changing from Wegovy as you may need a washout period of up to 4 weeks (more information can be found later in the form). There are currently no packs available in the UK market which are longer dated. These will become available in due course.

Patient Notice! This questionnaire forms the basis of your weight loss consultation today. We need you to be honest with your answers including your weight and any current medication you are on. This allows our doctors to prescribe medication that helps you and offer accurate advice. 

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Please ensure you enter your correct height as this can't be changed for future orders

Please note, we may contact you to ask you to provide evidence of your current weight

2Your Health

In order to get the best weight loss results with Mounjaro, you should use it in conjunction with regular exercise.

You should only use one weight loss medication at a time.

Please enter your postcode to display your local GP's

Please enter your GP’s name and surgery address. Please also enter their email address and fax number, if you know it.

You can find your GP surgery information details below

You must provide your GP details before you can proceed.

If treatment is not suitable, you will be refunded and signposted to another point of care. The decision about the treatment is for both the patient and the prescriber to consider, however, the final decision will always lie with the prescriber.

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