Gaviscon Infant Sachets
  • Gaviscon Infant Sachets

Gaviscon Infant Sachets

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Medication features

  • Contains sodium and magnesium alginate
  • Relieves acid reflux and regurgitation
  • Handy pocket-sized sachets


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You can buy Gaviscon Infant Sachets online from our UK registered online pharmacy. Please read the associated information about this medication to make sure it's safe for you. You can then place your order. After completing any associated assessment form, our pharmacists can then review your order and, if approved, dispatch to your chosen address. If for any reason your order is not approved, a full refund is issued.

About Gaviscon Infant

Gaviscon Infant (sometimes called ‘baby Gaviscon’) is used to treat acid reflux. It contains two active ingredients; sodium alginate and magnesium alginate. Together, these form a protective layer on top of the stomach contents, preventing acid from travelling up the oesophagus (the “food tube”), which is the cause of the painful “heartburn” sensation associated with reflux. This helps to prevent vomiting in babies who are feeding.

How to give Gaviscon Infant Sachets

For infants aged 1 to 2 years. Not to be used in premature infants or infants under one year except under medical supervision. Not suitable for children over 2 years, adults or the elderly.

The dosage and mixing instructions depend on the weight of your child and the feeding method you use:

  • Infants under 4.5kg - ONE sachet should be used
  • Infants over 4.5kg - TWO sachets should be used

Bottle-fed infants up to 2 years of age :

  • Mix each sachet into 115 ml of milk feed in the bottle
  • Shake well
  • Feed as normal

Breastfed infants and other infants up to 2 years of age:

  • Mix each sachet with 5ml of cooled. boiled water until a smooth paste is formed
  • Add another 10ml (2 teaspoons) of cooled, boiled water and mix
  • For breastfed infants give part way through each feed or meal using a spoon or feeding bottle.
  • For all other infants give at the end of each meal using a spoon or feeding bottle.


Do not give Gaviscon Infant more than 6 times in 24 hours. If you miss a dose, do not give a double dose with the next feed.

Gaviscon Infant Side Effects

Gaviscon Infant, like all medications, can have side effects. The full list is provided in the patient information leaflet. If your child experiences any side effects from Gaviscon Infant, stop giving them the medication and speak to your doctor or health professional.

Constipation and diarrhoea are very rare side effects (less than 1 in 10,000 patients will experience these).

Infant Reflux

Infant reflux is quite common in babies and is a self-limiting condition, which means that it usually resolves on its own. The condition is commonly seen before an infant is 8 weeks and it is usually resolved when the child is 1 year old.

The symptoms of infant reflux are the following:

  • The child is sick or milk is brought up shortly after/during feeding.
  • During feeding the child has a cough or hiccups.
  • During a feed, the child is restless.
  • After the child has been fed/burped, they are gulping/swallowing.
  • The child is crying and is unsettled.
  • The child is unable to put on weight as they are unable to keep their milk down.

If the child has symptoms of reflux but is not being sick or their milk is not being brought back up then this is termed Silent Reflux.

Practical Tips

  • Seek advice/support from your health visitor
  • Whilst you are feeding the child, hold them upright (they should be continuously held this way after they have fed for as long as possible)
  • If your child drinks formula milk, feed them smaller feeds more regularly
  • Ensure your child is sleeping flat on their back (not on their sides or stomach) and ensure their head is NOT raised
  • Visit the following NHS website links about breastfeeding advice and bottle feeding advice


Gaviscon Infant is a widely used and effective acid reflux medication for infants however every patient can respond differently to medication. If you find Gaviscon Infant is not effective for your child, you should get advice from your GP.

Gaviscon Infant Reviews

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What are Gaviscon Infant sachets?

Gaviscon infant sachets are used to help treat the effects of gastric reflux. The medication comes in individual sachet format and the medication contains 2 main ingredients, Sodium Alginate and Magnesium Alginate, to treat reflux.

Both ingredients work by balancing out the levels in the stomach, and therefore reducing the risk of reflux in the throat leading to pain and discomfort.

Who is Gaviscon Infant Sachets suitable for?

Gaviscon Infant sachets are suitable for infants aged between 1 and 2 years of age. If your infant is allergic to any of the ingredients in the medication it should NOT be used. It is advised that you speak to your own Doctor before giving this medication to make sure it is suitable for your child.

How do I give Gaviscon Infant Sachets?

The amount of Gaviscon infant sachets differs depending on the size of the infant as well as the current method of feeding.

If your infant weighs over 4.5kg then you would use 2 sachets per serving, if your infant weighs below this then it would be 1 sachet per serving. Depending on the current method of feeding the recommended guidelines are as follows.

Bottle Feeding - Mix either 1 or 2 sachets into 115 ml of milk in a bottle and shake well before serving.

Breastfeeding - Prepare each sachet in 5ml of cooled, boiled water and leave until it forms a paste effect, then add another 10ml of cooled boiled water and mix together. It should then be given to the infant midway through breastfeeding or a meal using either a bottle or spoon, whichever is easier.


Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at, or by contacting us.


Warnings for Gaviscon Infant Sachets

Do not use Gaviscon Infant:

  • if your baby was born prematurely
  • if your child is allergic to ingredients
  • if your child is being sick, has a fever or diarrhoea
  • if you have been told or it is suspected that your child has damage to their kidneys or
  • If your child has been put on a low salt diet (each sachet contains roughly 21 mg of sodium)
  • If you have been told that your child has a blockage in their gut
  • If your child is taking any other feed thickening agents (including thickening agents in their milk)




Ingredients in Gaviscon Infant Sachets

Active ingredients: Sodium alginate 225 mg and Magnesium alginate 87.5mg

Other ingredients: mannitol and colloidal silica.

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