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Facial Hair Removal For Women

With Simple Online Pharmacy’s online doctor, you can seek treatment for excessive facial hair removal. After completing an online doctor assessment, our GPs can review your details and, where appropriate, issue a prescription for excessive facial hair treatment cream. 

If treatment is suitable, a prescription will be passed to our pharmacy, who will then dispense and dispatch your prescription to your door.

The cost of Vaniqa is amongst the most competitive online, and the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden prescription fees or delivery charges! Delivery is FREE on all Vaniqa orders.

If you want to learn more about female facial hair, the causes, and it's treatments, you can visit the NHS choices website. You should also read the patient information leaflet on Vaniqa if you have not used this treatment before.

Facial Hair Removal

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All women have hair on their faces and bodies, which usually grows light and fine. In some women, however, it can become dark, or grow thicker and more coarsely than is common. There is no medical reason which requires removal of this hair. Many women have no problem managing the condition using traditional hair removal methods. Other women, however, may find the condition stressful or distressing. 

Managing thick and dark facial hair can be very difficult with over the counter hair removal creams, or even regular waxing treatments. For women who do find this condition concerning, there are prescription treatments available.


Causes of excess hair

The underlying causes of excess facial hair growth are when your body increases the production of androgen hormones or becomes more sensitive to androgen hormones. 

There are a few possible causes for this. These can vary from genetics, or certain medicines or medical conditions. 


Some ethnic groups are more likely to have hirsutism than others. Darker, thicker hair, is often observed in women from Mediterranean regions, the middle east, and south Asia. These groups are more likely to experience hirsutism than other groups. 


While rare, women who are taking anabolic steroids, may notice that hair growth increases resulting in excessive facial hair. Depending on the necessity of the medication, it is worth discussing treatment options with your GP, to agree on the best way of dealing with this. 

Medical Conditions

Several conditions can result in an increase in androgen production or sensitivity. If you have been diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome for example,(PCOS), this can cause hormone imbalance in your body. If you experience sudden, unexplained hair growth in places you are not used to, it’s a good idea to see your GP. This will allow them to investigate if you have an underlying condition, before deciding on treatment options. 



Vaniqa is currently the only UK licensed non-hormone cream to treat female facial hair. Studies into the effectiveness, have shown that 70% of women improve with the treatment. 3 out of 10 show significant improvement after just 24 weeks of use.

If Vaniqa doesn’t sound like it’s for you, there are other treatments available to combat excessive hair growth on your face. 

These include hair removal techniques which you can perform at home. These include;


Simple and safe, shaving regularly can help you stay on top of excessive hair growth. This may mean shaving as often as once daily. If doing this, it’s important to consider good skincare products to reduce skin irritation. While this is an inexpensive and quick fix, it can also be inconvenient for many women not used to a daily shaving routine. 


Waxing is more effective for removing large patches of hair than shaving, and will also have longer-lasting effects. While shaving removes the visible hair, waxing can pull the hair up from the root, meaning it takes longer to regrow. Unfortunately, it can also be painful and can cause temporary skin irritation.


Similar to waxing, epilation removes the hair by the roots, and so can have longer-lasting results. Unlike waxing, however, an epilator device essentially plucks away hair from the roots, as you move the device over your body.

Skin exfoliation is recommended before epilation, to help prevent ingrown hairs.


A simple method which can be used in conjunction with other techniques above. Bleaching simply lightens the colour of your hair, meaning it is less noticeable. This can mean you have more time between shaving or waxing, before having to repeat. It’s important to use products which are approved in the UK, and patch test before use. This can help you avoid allergic reactions or potential skin discolouration. 

In addition to methods you can try from home, there are some specialist treatments techniques available as well. 


Using this technique, a practitioner will insert a thin needle into the follicles of your unwanted hair. These then release small electrical charges, which destroy the roots of your hair. This can be a painful experience but can have long-lasting effects, particularly if repeated a second or third time.

Laser treatments

Laser treatment clinics are often found on the high street. Using lasers to treat excessive hair, can have longer-lasting effects than home treatment methods. Three of the four sessions may be required to achieve the best results, and maintenance treatments are also then required. There are risks associated with laser treatment, such as scarring or skin discolouration. 

The Contraceptive Pill

In women who haven’t yet reached menopause, the contraceptive pill can be effective in helping manage excessive facial hair. This can help redress hormone imbalance, and result in reduced hair growth. 



Excessive Female Facial Hair, defined as hair which grows very dark and thickly on the face, affects many women across the UK. 

 In women who suffer from excess female facial hair, the hair is usually thick and dark, rather than fine and fair. Excess hair can appear on the:

  • face – such as the upper lip or chin
  • neck
  • chest
  • tummy – in a line from your belly button down to your pubic hair
  • anal and genital area
  • the front of your thighs

Vaniqa cream, available from our online doctor, is for treatment of FACIAL HAIR only. 

Other symptoms can often be present in women who suffer from Hirsutism. These may include

  • oily skin
  • acne
  • hair loss
  • voice changes – such as a deeper voice

These are usually all related to the change in hormone levels or your bodies sensitivity to these hormones. 

Vaniqa Cream

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