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Propecia effectively treats male pattern baldness, promoting hair regrowth and preventing further loss. It's a trusted solution for restoring hair confidence.


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You can request to buy Propecia in the UK (or the generic, Finasteride 1mg) online from our Online Doctor. To order Propecia fill in an assessment form so our doctors can assess if this treatment is suitable for you.

Once you have completed your order, our doctor will review it to see if a prescription can be issued. If approved, this will be passed to our UK registered online pharmacy, to dispense and dispatch your medication via the royal mail service. If for any reason your order for Propecia is not approved, you will receive a notification and full refund on your order.

What is Propecia?

Propecia is a hair loss medicine containing the active ingredient Finasteride. Propecia is the original brand name version of the medicine that prevents further loss and assists in regrowing hair in men with male pattern baldness. It's a treatment that is best used during the progression of male pattern baldness before it progresses to full baldness.

How does it work?

Propecia works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that heavily contributes to male pattern baldness. Lower DHT levels in the scalp allow hair loss to stop and hair to regrow. Because DHT is primarily a male hormone Propecia has only been proven effective and used in men. Propecia/ finasteride works only on the scalp not the rest of the body.


Propecia successfully prevents hair loss in men 90% of the time. 50% of men will experience increased hair growth in areas that were previously losing hair. It is only effective in men who still have live hair follicles and will not be effective if the baldness has progressed too far.

Visible improvement can take 3-6 months of continuous use. If treatment is ceased, hair loss may resume within 6-12 months.

How to take Propecia

Take ONE tablet daily. It may be taken with or without food.

Hair growth and hair follicle recovery is a gradual process, it can take 3 to 6 months before results are noticed. Stopping Propecia can result in a reversal of effects within 6 to 12 months, so it is important you continue to take this medication to retain benefits.

Propecia (Finasteride) Summary


Take ONE tablet daily

Type of medicine

Hair Loss Treatment


Lowers DHT, restoring the hair follicle to health stopping hair loss and regrowing hair

Available Size

28 to 168 tablets



Active Ingredient



From £41.65

Side Effects

Can include nasal congestion, sneezing, libido changes, drowsiness, ED.

Is Propecia more effective than Regaine?

Regaine is a product that is applied directly to the scalp that achieves results in around 60% of men who use it. Meanwhile, Propecia has been shown to either improve or stop further hair loss in 90% of men! Furthermore, with Propecia, more men experience regrowth and improvement in their scalp hair coverage, as opposed to just maintenance of existing coverage. In comparison, 75% of men with male pattern baldness who did not take medication, showed more hair loss over the same period.

These treatments may be used in combination and many men will use both treatments to treat hair loss and maximise hair regrowth.


Alternative treatments for hair loss include topical applications such as Regaine Foam, hair loss shampoos, and vitamin supplements.

Increasingly, men are also turning to surgical options, to implant hair. This is most effective if the hair follicles have died and can no longer regrowth with drug treatments. It may be recommended by your surgeon to take Propecia or use Regaine, as the implanted hair may follow the behaviour of the source hair. Laser therapy is also advocated as a hair loss treatment and displays a positive outcome for many men.


28 tablets


56 tablets


84 tablets


168 tablets


Side Effects of Propecia

Generally, Propecia is quite well-tolerated. Whilst side effects are uncommon, it is still important to be aware of what you may experience when taking this medication.

With Propecia, possible sexual side effects are often of particular concern for many men. It should be noted that these sexual side effects occur in only around 1.5% of men taking this medication.

Possible sexual side effects

  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased semen release during ejaculation

Other side effects

  • Runny / Blocked Nose
  • Drowsiness
  • Sneezing

The side effects listed below are more serious, and you should stop taking Propecia, and report these to your GP immediately.

  • Chills or cold sweats
  • Episodes of confusion
  • Dizziness / Fainting
  • Lumps in your breast area as there have been very rare reports of breast cancer 
  • Suicidal Thoughts

If you develop any allergic reactions such as swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat, hives or difficultly breathing, seek out medical help as soon as possible.

For a full list of side effects, please read the patient information leaflet.


Can I buy Propecia over the counter?

No, It is a prescription medicine that can only get from a registered doctor.

What is the difference between Propecia and Finasteride?

They are medically equivalent versions of the same active drug. Both use the active ingredient Finasteride 1mg. 

Propecia vs Finasteride

Will Propecia help an area of complete baldness?

No, it will only be effective on areas of the scalp that still have some live hair follicles. It will not regrow hair on completely bald areas, although if there are still some small hairs there it may not be too late.

Does Propecia thicken hair?

Yes, if there are live hair follicles in thinning areas, it will help to stimulate growth in them, thickening the appearance of the hair.

Why is Propecia expensive?

It was the first highly effective treatment to market for male pattern baldness.
Generic medicines are now available such as Finasteride 1mg and have significantly reduced the cost of taking this medication long term.

Can you break Propecia tablets?

There is no data suggesting a change in effectiveness if cut in half.

Will Propecia work in men over 45?

Unfortunately, there is no data to give a definitive answer on this, as studies were carried out in men aged between 18-41.

Is Propecia used to treat prostate cancer?

No, its active ingredient Finasteride can be used to treat reduce the size of an enlarged prostate that comes with prostate cancer, however, that is in a much strong 5mg version of the medicine.

Does Propecia cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is listed as a possible side effect of finasteride in around 1 in every 100 users.

Does Propecia cause fertility problems?

While there are no long term studies on the fertility of men taking it over an extended period of time, poor semen quality is listed as a possible side effect with unknown frequencies.

Can women use Propecia?

No, women should never use this treatment. It is ineffective in the treatment of hair thinning in women and is dangerous for women of childbearing age to handle.

How long do I need to take Propecia?

If treatment is successful, It is usually prescribed long term, as its effects will usually be reversed 6-12 months after discontinuing use.

Can Propecia be used with other hair loss treatments?

Yes, it can be taken with Regaine, which can provide additional positive results in keeping and regrowing hair.

Can I increase the dosage if Propecia does not work?

No, it should be taken as directed. The daily dosage of Propecia is one 1mg tablet. This dose has been proven to be safe and effective.

What do I need to do when I have forgotten to take a tablet?

If you forget a dose, you should not take a double dose the next day. Just continue as normal, taking one tablet each day.


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There are some common myths about hair loss, some which have some basis in fact, and others which are just a little ridiculous! To clarify some of the common myths and misconceptions about hair loss, we have compiled a list of the ones we hear most often.

  1. Pluck One Grey Hair And Two Grow Back – This hair loss myth has floated around for the longest time. However, it is not true that if you pluck a grey hair, two will grow back!
  2. Standing On Your Head Makes Your Hair Grow  – We told you some are a little ridiculous! Despite this being  a commonly heard myth, we have confidence that you have never spent long periods on your head in the hope of some hair growth! The myth is routed in the false belief that blood flow to the head will help hair growth. However hair loss is not a blood flow problem, but generally linked to sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone.
  3. There’s No Cure For Baldness – From the incredibly optimistic, to the ultra pessimistic. While there is no “miracle cure” that is going to work for everyone, and bring back your hair to it’s most lush, there are certainly many successful treatments. Laser therapy and hair transplant have the highest success rate, although are on the expensive end of treatment. Drugs like Propecia is a successful treatment of hair loss, and other shampoos and lotions (such as Regaine) can also help stop or reverse hair growth in milder cases of hair loss.
  4. Hair gel and hairspray can cause hair loss – Nop! There is no evidence to suggest they can cause balding. Also in this category of myth, over shampooing, or washing do not cause hair loss either. However, the grain of truth in the myths are that over-mechanical utilisation of hair, can weaken it. So things like using curling irons, or constantly pulling at your hair, can lead to acceleration of existing hair loss.
  5. Hair loss is  from your mum’s side of the gene pool – While  the primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome (the one men inherit from their mothers), research suggests that men who have a bald father are more likely to develop male pattern baldness than those who don’t.
  6. Higher Testosterone Linked To Hair Loss – The inherited problem is a sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is this that can cause hair loss in men and some women. However taking synthetic testosterone can accelerate hair loss in men.
  7. Hats Cause Baldness – Nop! They Don’t! So whether you wear a baseball cap, or a bowler hat, you can dig it out of the cupboard again.
  8. I Can Grow Back Dead Hair Follicles – Unfortunately not. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Medication like Propecia, or laser therapy, can help hair follicles become thicker and healthier, but the only option for regrowth is a hair transplant.


Treatment Comparison

EffectivenessShown to prevent or help regrow hair in 9/10 menShown to prevent or help regrow hair in 9/10 menShown to prevent or help regrow hair in 8/10 men
Time to WorkUsually at least 3 monthsUsually at least 3 monthsAs soon as two months
How To UseTake ONE tablet dailyTake ONE tablet dailyApply to scalp twice daily
IngredientFinasteride 1mgFinasteride 1mgMinoxidil 5%


Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the patient information leaflet.


Propecia Warnings and Precautions

Propecia is a well-tolerated medication, and you should be able to take Propecia alongside most other medicines. Although Propecia cannot be taken if you are already taking finasteride or medicines used for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It is important that you let us know any prescription, over-the-counter or recreational drugs you are taking. This allows our doctors to assess any and all risks when making a decision to prescribe.

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