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Buy Asthma Inhalers Online

With Simple Online Pharmacy’s online doctor, we can supply you with a refill of your regular asthma inhalers. Please note that this service is for repeat supply of inhalers only in urgent circumstances. You should get your inhalers regularly from your GP, as this allows them to keep a track of how you are managing your asthma. Regular asthma check-ups with a doctor or nurse are needed once a year, or more frequently if you asthma isn’t well controlled.

We supply inhalers only if patients:

  • Have used the inhaler before
  • Have had an asthma review with a doctor or nurse within past 12 months
  • Have not had any recent worsening in symptoms

Once you have completed the online doctor consultation, our doctor will review your assessment and prescribe the selected medication if it is safe. Our pharmacy will then dispense and dispatch your prescription to your door.

Inhalers available include

Ventolin | Symbicort | Seretide | Flixotide

When ordering medication online, always make sure you are ordering from a trusted online pharmacy and online doctor in the UK

Asthma Inhalers

Asthma is a common condition which affects the body’s respiratory system. It is caused by inflammation in the lungs, and in particular it’s smaller airways (know as bronchioles) and air sacs ( known as alveoli).

There are currently 5.4 million people in the UK receiving asthma treatment, and it is a long-term condition. However, symptoms can worse or improve over time, and it’s severity can often depend on a number of external factors.

To read more about Asthma, it’s causes, symptoms and treatments, visit the NHS choices site.

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