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Simple Online Pharmacy’s UK registered online doctor and pharmacy service you can request a refill of your regular asthma inhalers. Please note that this service is for a repeat supply of inhalers only. You should still see your GP regularly, as this allows them to keep a track of how you are managing your asthma. Regular asthma check-ups with a doctor or nurse are needed once a year, or more frequently if your asthma isn't well controlled. 

We supply inhalers only if patients: 

  • Have already been diagnosed with asthma
  • Have used the inhaler before
  • Know how to use their inhaler properly

Once you have completed the online doctor consultation, our doctor will review your assessment and prescribe the selected medication if it is safe. Our pharmacy will then dispense and dispatch your prescription to your door.

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What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic condition that causes a narrowing of the airways (bronchioles) of the lungs. This makes it difficult to breathe causing coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. People with asthma will have asthma for life however it will vary in severity from a minor inconvenience to severe asthma attacks. Due to the variation in severity in people, there are a number of different treatments and doses for the condition.

Asthma attack

An asthma attack is a severe form of asthma which can be life-threatening without treatment. It occurs when the airways of the lungs become so constricted that not enough air can be inhaled to support the body’s needs. Those who experience this type of asthma are recommended to carry short-acting quick-relief inhalers such as Ventolin and Salbutamol (Salamol) on them at all times.

What causes asthma?

Asthma is caused predominantly by genetic and environmental factors. Those who are more prone to allergies are more likely to experience the condition. What directly causes asthma symptoms is known as an asthma trigger. There are many asthma triggers but they are mostly irritants to the airways or allergens.

Asthma triggers can include:

  • Environmental pollution such as smog or smoke
  • Allergens such as dust, pollen and mould
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Physical activity is also known as exercise-induced asthma
  • Illnesses such as upper respiratory tract infections (eg. cold & flu)


When the lungs are exposed to an allergen or trigger, the body launches an inappropriate autoimmune attack, believing the substance is more harmful than it actually is, causing inflammation in the airways resulting in the airways becoming smaller.

What are asthma symptoms?

Asthma symptoms are highly variable based on the severity of the condition. Most typical symptoms of asthma will include difficulty breathing, a tight feeling in the chest, lethargy, coughing and wheezing.

More severe symptoms of asthma can be laboured breathing, distress due to breathlessness and exhaustion. If you experience these symptoms and do not have access to a reliever inhaler, seek medical attention or attract attention to receive medical assistance.

Asthma diagnosis

Asthma is diagnosed through a combination of questions about your symptoms and medical history and physical tests known as spirometry. This test measures how much air you can breathe out and in and is a good indication of your lung function. These tests will help a doctor discern between asthma and other breathing conditions.

Asthma treatments

Asthma treatments can be split into two major categories, reliever inhalers and preventer inhalers.

Reliever inhalers

Reliever inhalers are used to relieve asthma once symptoms are already present. These act quickly, relieving symptoms minutes after a dose is inhaled. Salbutamol is the active ingredient most commonly used as a reliever inhaler. Ventolin and Salamol are the two most well-known brands.

Salbutamol works by causing rapid relaxation of the constricted airways, opening them up and making it easier to breathe.

Reliever inhalers bring short term yet rapid relief for the condition and are predominately an adequate treatment for those who experience asthma once or twice a week. For those who experience asthma symptoms more regularly, a doctor will often prescribe a preventer inhaler.

Side effects of these inhalers typically include an increase in heart rate, tremors and dizziness.

Preventer inhalers

Preventer inhalers are used to prevent asthma before symptoms occur. They work long term and are highly effective in minimising symptoms and the need for a reliever inhaler. They will often contain a single inhaled corticosteroid or a combination of steroids and a long-acting medicine to widen airways.

Corticosteroid inhalers work by reducing the inflammatory response to allergens in the lungs, preventing the airways from inappropriately contracting as they normally would in an asthmatic. Combination inhalers use a corticosteroid paired with a long-acting ingredient that relaxes the muscles in the airways. Common steroid only inhalers are Flixitide, Qvar and Soprobec. Common combination inhalers are Symbicort, Seretide and Fostair.

The most common side effects of these treatments are oral thrush (wash mouth after the dose to avoid), increased heart rate, dry mouth and throat irritation.

Asthma action plans

Those who get asthma symptoms regularly are strongly advised to have an asthma action plan. You can create this plan with your GP or a trained nurse. Ideally, these plans are tailored to you and your condition.

This plan includes information about your current day to day treatment, what to do if your symptoms begin to worsen and an emergency action plan in case you have an asthma attack and when to call 999.


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How do you know if you have asthma?

If you regularly experience shortness of breath, wheezing, breathlessness and coughing, you may have asthma. Consult a doctor to get a formal diagnosis by answering some questions about your health and performing a breathing test.

Is there a cure for asthma?

No, asthma is a lifelong condition although it will go through periods of improvement and worsening. If you experience asthma symptoms regularly, preventative medicines can be prescribed to manage the condition.

What is the best treatment for asthma?

Asthma is treated according to the severity of the condition and response to each treatment. As such, there isn’t necessarily a best treatment, only the best treatment for each person with their condition at the time. Your doctor should determine this through questions about your asthma symptoms and breathing tests if necessary.

Can I buy asthma inhalers online?

Yes, provided you have previously been diagnosed and treated with the inhaler before, you may buy your asthma inhaler online by consulting a doctor with a UK registered online doctor and pharmacy service.

Can you develop asthma?

If exposed to enough environmental irritants such as cigarette smoke, smog, mould, dust and pollen asthma can begin to develop in otherwise healthy adults. Lung function will generally improve if these triggers are avoided.

Can ibuprofen cause asthma?

Ibuprofen can trigger asthma in about 1 in 5 people with asthma. You should avoid ibuprofen if possible if you find it worsens your asthma.

What is the difference between the different coloured asthma inhalers?

The colour of an asthma inhaler will usually indicate whether it contains a reliever or preventative ingredients. Blue inhalers are used for immediate relief while other coloured inhalers will usually contain medicines used to prevent asthma.

    Ventolin Inhalers

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    Salbutamol Inhaler

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