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Symbicort Asthma Inhaler Online

Symbicort Turbohaler is an inhaler that is used to treat asthma in anyone aged 6 years and older. It contains two different medicines: budesonide and formoterol fumarate dihydrate. Budesonide belongs to a group of medicines called ‘corticosteroids’. It works by reducing and preventing swelling and inflammation in your lungs. Formoterol fumarate dihydrate belongs to a group of medicines called ‘long-acting beta2 adrenoceptor agonists’ or ‘bronchodilators’. It works by relaxing the muscles in your airways. This helps you to breathe more easily. It can be used as a preventer and reliever.

We offer a wide range of corticosteroid inhalers and bronchodilator inhalers: 

The corticosteroid inhalers: Clenil, Flixotide, Pulmicort, and Qvar
The bronchodilator inhalers: VentolinSalamol, and Salbutamol (Generic Ventolin)


  • How can Symbicort be used as a preventer and reliever?

    Some people are prescribed two asthma inhalers: A preventer and a separate ‘reliever inhaler’, using both every day. This helps to prevent asthma symptoms from happening. They use their ‘reliever inhaler’ when they get asthma symptoms, to make it easier to breathe again. Others are prescribed Symbicort Turbohaler as their only asthma inhaler. They also use Symbicort Turbohaler when they need relief from asthma symptoms, to make it easier to breathe again. They do not need a separate inhaler for this. This is because Symbicort combined both a preventer drug and reliever drug.

  • Can Symbicort cause thrush?

    As Symbicort contains a corticosteroid, which can suppress the immune system, it is possible to get thrush in the mouth using this inhaler. This is common and can be treated with antifungal medication. It can also be prevented by rinsing the mouth after inhaler use. If thrush becomes recurrent or persistent, speak to your GP.

  • How many times a day should I use Symbicort?

    You should be using Symbicort twice daily.

  • Should I rinse my mouth out after using Symbicort?

    Yes, as it is a steroid inhaler there is a chance you can develop oral infections if some of the steroid is left in your mouth. To minimise this you should rinse out your mouth after use.

  • I have been asked to use two puffs, how long should I wait between each one?

    Ideally, try to wait half a minute to one minute between puffs.

Side Effects

Side Effects of Symbicort


Palpitations (awareness of your heart beating), trembling or shaking. If these effects occur, they are usually mild and usually disappear as you continue to use Symbicort Turbohaler.

Thrush (a fungal infection) in the mouth. This is less likely if you rinse your mouth out with water after using your Symbicort Turbohaler.

Mild sore throat, coughing, and a hoarse voice



Feeling restless, nervous or agitated

Disturbed sleep

Feeling dizzy

Nausea (feeling sick)

Fast heartbeat

Bruising of the skin

Muscle cramps


Rash, itching

Bronchospasm (tightening of the muscles in the airways which cause wheezing). If the wheezing comes on suddenly after using Symbicort Turbohaler stop using Symbicort Turbohaler and talk to your doctor immediately

Low levels of potassium in your blood

Uneven heartbeat

Very Rare


Changes in behavior, especially in children

Chest pain or tightness in the chest (angina pectoris)

An increase in the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood

Taste changes, such as an unpleasant taste in the mouth

Changes in your blood pressure

Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at, or by contacting us.

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Symbicort Turbohaler

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