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Utovlan Tablets


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Utovlan, is a synthetic hormone. It can have multiple uses, however is often used as a tablet to delay periods. Utovlan contains the active ingredient Norethisteron 5mg, and can be taken to delay periods for upto 17 days.

What are the Side Effects of Utovlan?

Although infrequent, the most common side effects are • nausea • breast tenderness • fatigue • headaches Utovlan can interact with some medicines, or worsen some chronic diseases, so it is important you tell us any information regarding your health, so our doctor can let you know if it’s safe to take.

How does Utovlan work?

Utovlan works by keeping levels of the female hormone, progesterone, in the body up. This in turn stops your womb lining from shedding, and so delaying your period. Utovlan is basically a synthetic version of progesterone. Utovlan is not a method of contraception. Is is therefor important that you should continue to use contraceptive methods if you do not want to become pregnant. Utovlan should also not be taken if you are already taking the combined contraceptive pill. You can however take it while taking the mini pill. Utovlan is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

How To Take Utovlan?

o delay your period, Utovlan should be taken three days before your period is due. It should be taken three times daily  for each day you want to delay your period. This should be done for a maximum period of 17 days. After stopping Utovlan, your period should start 2-3 days after.

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