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You can request to order vaginal thrush treatment online from Simple Online Pharmacy. Our UK registered doctors can prescribe Fluconazole capsules or Canesten Cream to treat your symptoms. 

You can also view our range of Canesten products at our online pharmacy shop. Treatments are usually effective and often clear up the infection quickly. Treatments include oral capsules, vaginal tablets, and internal or external creams.

Simply complete our online assessment form as part of your order. Our online doctors will review your assessment, and our pharmacy team can then prepare and deliver your thrush treatment.

To read more about this condition, see the NHS page on this condition.

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Thrush Treatment

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What is thrush?

Vaginal thrush is a common yeast infection in women and is also called vaginal candidiasis. Thrush in women is not an STI, although it can be transmitted to others during sex. 

The fungal infection causes symptoms and inflammation of the vagina and/or vulva. This condition is very common in younger women before the menopause. Some women will experience recurrent infections, which means they get thrush at least 4 times a year.

It can usually be cleared up quickly with thrush medication. However, women with recurrent thrush may need to take treatment for longer periods.

Thrush Causes

The condition is caused by a fungal infection and is usually caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. This infection causes thrush symptoms that women experience. The fungus generally grows in warm, moist conditions and can multiply if bacterial or hormonal levels change. 

Several factors can increase your risk of getting thrush. Oestrogen can play a role in the infection and this is why it is more common in pregnancy and before the menopause. Women with poorly controlled diabetes are also at a higher risk of getting the infection. People with a weakened immune system are also more likely to experience the condition.

Although it is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI), it can be triggered by sex. This is especially the case if there is vaginal dryness or tightness during sex. The condition can also occur after taking antibiotics, up to 30% of women may experience thrush after taking a course of antibiotics.

Thrush Symptoms

Vaginal thrush symptoms in women include:

  • A white vaginal discharge (often described as being cheese-like) which doesn’t usually smell
  • Irritation, soreness and itching around the vagina
  • Stinging and soreness when you pee or during sex 

Sometimes it can be confused with other vaginal problems like bacterial vaginosis, a UTI, or a sexually transmitted infection like chlamydia. The NHS has a useful page discussing vaginal discharges and possible conditions. Vaginal itching is a symptom that is usually experienced in thrush but not usually seen in other vaginal conditions. 

In men, the condition usually causes irritation, itching, and redness around the head of the penis and foreskin. It can also cause a white discharge from the penis and an unpleasant smell. Some men may experience difficulty retracting the foreskin.

Thrush Treatments

There are several types of treatments for this condition. This includes thrush tablets, thrush pessaries, and thrush creams. 

Oral thrush medications contain the antifungal drug fluconazole. This is taken as a single dose and is an effective treatment for clearing the infection. You can buy Canesten Oral Capsule or you can buy the cheaper, generic fluconazole capsule.

You can also use vaginal pessaries to treat thrush. Canesten Pessary contains the antifungal ingredient clotrimazole and is inserted into the vagina to treat the infection.

There are also antifungal creams that contain the antifungal clotrimazole. They can be external or internal creams. Some products combine different treatments like Canesten Combi (pessary and clotrimazole cream).


What does thrush look like?

In women, it can cause swelling around the genitals with general irritation and itchiness. It can also cause a cheese-like white discharge from the vagina. Visit the NHS page to see images of the infection on a vagina and penis. 

If the infection becomes severe, it can cause redness in the area and may cause fissures (similar to paper cuts) in the vaginal area.

Does my partner need treatment if I have been diagnosed with thrush?

It is not an STI but can be passed on through intercourse by an infected person. It is common to see the fungal infection being passed onto the partners of those with thrush. Men and women who suffer from recurring thrush should get their partner treated to eradicate the infection completely.

Men who get the infection from their partner can be treated for it using an antifungal cream or oral capsule. However, men who have thrush for another reason should speak to their doctor for advice. This is because it is less common in men than women and may be caused by certain medical conditions.

What will happen if thrush is left untreated?

If you have symptoms that are left untreated, they will likely get worse. You may notice more severe itching and irritation and the stinging during sex may get worse. Other symptoms may appear such as redness, fissures (like paper cuts) around the vagina, and rarely lesions may appear.

Treatment is usually effective at clearing the infection and improving symptoms quickly.

What is the best treatment for thrush?

Treatments for the infection are usually effective at clearing the infection. Some women prefer to use vaginal pessaries or creams and other women prefer to take an oral capsule. For women with severe itching or irritation around the vagina, using a cream can help to improve these symptoms.

Evidence suggests that taking an oral capsule or using a vaginal pessary are equally effective at treating the infection.

How to soothe thrush itching?

Using an antifungal cream can help to soothe the itching and irritating symptoms around the vagina. Treating the infection with a pessary or an oral capsule can also improve these symptoms. But you may find using the cream can cause a soothing effect in the affected area.

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