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At Simple Online Pharmacy, we can supply you with all of the most widely prescribed treatments for thrush. For men, there is an oral capsule and topical cream, while women can also choose to use these, as well as a range of pessaries and internal creams containing Clotrimazole. So if you have that itchy feeling down under, that is sometimes accompanied with discharge, fill out an assessment form today. Our online doctor will review your assessment, and our pharmacy them can then prepare and deliver your thrush treatment.

To read more about thrush, it’s symptoms and it’s treatments, visit the NHS choices website.

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Thrush Treatment

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    Fluconazole 150mg - Single dose treatment

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What is thrush?

Thrush is a common yeast infection found in men and women. It is more commonly known as vaginal thrush in women and is not an STI, although it can be transmitted to men during sexual intercourse. It is recommended to avoid sex if you have vaginal thrush until it is treated. Thrush can cause itchy skin and swelling around the vagina and a thick creamy discharge. It causes no serious harm but is really uncomfortable for those who have experienced it.


What is the cause of thrush?

Majority of the time thrush is caused by the yeast infection ‘candida albicans’ but it can also be instigated by sex especially if the vagina is dry and unable to produce and lubrication. Although it is found in men and women, it is more common in women.



Thrush treatments

  • Canesten Soft Gel Combi (Clotrimazole) 1 Dual Pack (500mg pessary + 2% double-strength thrush cream)

  • Canesten 100mg Pessary (Clotrimazole) 6 pessaries of 100mg with applicator

  • Fluconazole 150mg single-capsule pack one single dose treatment


What are the symptoms of thrush?

Thrush can sometimes shows no symptoms especially in men. However vaginal thrush in women can cause itchiness, swelling around the vagina and sometimes at the entrance, soreness and a cottage cheese like creamy discharge.

Penile thrush in men causes a sore penis, itchiness, tight skin around the head and a discharge.



What does thrush look like?

In women, thrush can cause swelling around the genitals with general irritation and itchiness. It can also cause a cottage-cheese like creamy white discharge from the vagina. If men are affected, it usually presents as redness and irritation around the top of the penis, as well as discharge. For both sexes the inflammation can lead to a burning sensation when urinating.

Why do some people get thrush and others don’t?

Candida albicans, is the name of the yeast which causes thrush. It is found naturally in the body, meaning anyone can get thrush. The reason why it becomes activate for some and not others is not yet determined. Thrush can be more common in diabetics, pregnant women and those taking antibiotics.

Does my partner need treatment if I have been diagnosed with thrush?

Thrush is not an STI but can be passed on through intercourse with someone infected. It is common to see thrush being passed onto the partners of those with thrush and men do not necessarily have to show any symptoms for it. It is recommended for men and women who suffer from recurring thrush to also get their partner treated to eradicate the infection completely.

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