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Dual Daily Gel, is a popular and effective treatment for acne. It has two ingredients to help battle acne in two ways.

Clindamycin – Clindamycin is an antibiotic, and is perhaps the most commonly used antibiotic for acne.
Benzoyl peroxide – This works to removing blockages of excess sebum from the skin pores. In addition, benzoyl peroxide also has an anti-bacterial action.

How Is Duac Applied?

The gel is usually applied to the affected area in the evening, after washing your face. Remember when washing your face, you should use warm water, and ideally an oil free acne wash. Patting your skin dry is also preferable, as this is less irritating to your skin. Following washing, apply duac thinly over all affected areas with your fingertips.



Duac is not for use in children under 12.

Duac Daily Gel (like many acne treatments) can take between four to six weeks before you see noticeable results. It should NOT be used for more than 3 months consecutively.

Duac should be applied carefully to the face, being sure to avoid contact with your eyes, mouth, and any other areas of sensitive sin

Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight / sun lamps while using this treatment.

The gel should be used with caution or may be avoided altogether if you have a history of inflammatory bowel disease or bowel problems related to antibiotics. You should speak to your own GP if you wish to use this treatment and have such a history

Duac side effects usually occur on the skin. These include

  • skin dryness
  • redness / irritation / itching

Less commonly, it can cause stomach upsets and in rare cases,you may experience bad diarrhoea. Stop using this treatment immediately and speak to your GP if you develop severe diarrhoea after using Duac.

Read the Patient Information leaflet before use, for a full breakdown of possible side effects and cautions.

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