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Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy. Some people are at risk of anaphylaxis if they come into contact with triggers such as foods, medicines, and insect stings. People who have had a severe allergic reaction in the past, or are deemed high-risk, may be prescribed an adrenaline auto-injector to use in emergencies.

At Simple Online Pharmacy, our doctors can prescribe the adrenaline auto-injector brands EpiPen and Jext. Simply complete an online assessment form for our UK GPs to review. If your order is approved, our pharmacy team will dispatch the order to your delivery address.

This service is available to people who have been prescribed EpiPen or Jext by their doctor previously. 

We can also sell adrenaline pens for schools from our UK registered pharmacy. If you are ordering for a school, please contact us to order.


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What is Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis is the name for a severe and often sudden allergic reaction. It can happen when someone with allergies (e.g. food allergy) is exposed to something they’re allergic to.  

Reactions usually begin within minutes of being exposed and rapidly worsen. Anaphylaxis is potentially life-threatening and is a medical emergency.

Anaphylaxis can cause swelling of the airways, breathing difficulties, and severe circulation problems. If you think you, or someone you know, is having an anaphylactic reaction, you should call 999 immediately for help.


Anaphylaxis Triggers

There are various possible triggers of anaphylaxis such as food, medicines, and venom from insect stings. Although in some cases of anaphylaxis, the cause is hard to identify.

The most commonly implicated medicines in anaphylaxis in the UK are anaesthetics, antibiotics (like penicillin), aspirin, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Commonly implicated food triggers include:

  • Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Sesame seeds
  • Mustard
  • Milk
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Crustaceans
  • Celery


Anaphylaxis Treatments

You should always call 999 if you think you, or someone else, has symptoms of anaphylaxis. In a hospital, you may be given adrenaline, oxygen, fluids, steroids and antihistamine medication for the management of anaphylaxis. 

Adrenaline auto-injectors are devices that contain adrenaline that can be easily injected during an anaphylactic emergency. They can help stop an anaphylactic reaction from progressing and becoming life-threatening. An adrenaline auto-injector should be used as soon as you suspect a serious reaction.

Common brands of auto-injectors include EpiPen, Jext, and Emerade. The instructions for use are slightly different for each brand. You should make sure that you’re familiar with how to use your auto-injector. 

You should carry 2 injectors at all times. The reason for this is you may have to inject a second dose of adrenaline 5-15 minutes after the first dose if symptoms don’t improve. 

The anaphylaxis adrenaline dose is different for people of different ages. For adults or children over 12 years old, the recommended dose of adrenaline in anaphylaxis is 500 micrograms. This can be repeated after 5 minutes if symptoms haven’t improved.


Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction include airway problems like difficulty swallowing, a swollen tongue, and vocal changes. There may also be breathing problems such as wheezing, noisy breathing, and difficulty breathing. It can also cause clammy skin, lightheadedness, confusion, loss of consciousness and a severe drop in blood pressure. It can also cause a rash and skin swelling (such as the lips and face).


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300mcg xJext 300mcg Adult Pen x 2 £119.99
150mcg xJext 150mcg Adult Pen x 1 £59.99
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