• Trimethoprim


Medication features

  • Twice daily dosage 
  • Three day course (200mg x 6)
  • For bacterial infections in the urinary tract
  • NOT to be used in pregnancy


Trimethoprim Tablets Online

You can order Trimethoprim tablets from our UK registered online pharmacy and doctor service. No prescription is required, however, you will need to complete an online assessment, so our doctors can issue a prescription to our pharmacy. If the doctors approve your order, a prescription is passed to our pharmacy, who will then dispense and dispatch your medication.

If our doctors feel a face to face consultation would be best for you, a notification is sent via e-mail and a full refund is issued.

About Trimethoprim

Trimethoprim tablets for urinary tract infections are an effective treatment for simple UTIs. It is the most commonly prescribed antibiotic by GPs for the treatment of simple urinary infections. This medication contains 200mg of the active ingredient which works to kill the bacteria which causes the infection.

Taking Trimethoprim

For urinary tract infections, the most common length of course is 3 days. One tablet is taken TWICE daily. For more stubborn infections, it may also be prescribed for five days.

Even if symptoms dissipate before completing your course, you should make sure to finish the tablets prescribed. This is to make sure the infection has been completely defeated, to reduce the risk of it coming back.

Trimethoprim Alternatives

Aside from Trimethoprim, there are a number of other antibiotics which are used in the treatment of UTIs. Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin), is also available via the online doctor service.

Apart from antibiotic treatments, there are a number of home remedies for cystitis. These can help relieve the symptoms associated with cystitis like stinging upon urination.

Trimethoprim Summary


For urinary tract infections (UTI)


ONE tablet TWICE daily for three days



Side effects

Can include itching, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and stomach upset.

Chronic Cystitis


  • Can I take trimethoprim when pregnant?

    No. Trimethoprim can be harmful to the baby, particularly in the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • I have taken trimethoprim and developed a mild rash what should I do?

    Try applying a mild, fragrance-free moisturiser. If the rash worsens, spreads or is causing irritation speak to your doctor.

  • Do I take trimethoprim with food?

    With Trimethoprim it doesn’t matter if you take it with or without food.

  • My infection has cleared after taking Trimethoprim for one day should I stop taking it?

    No, ensure you completely the full course to prevent relapse of your infection.

Side Effects

Trimethoprim Side Effects

As with all medications, there are some side effects, although not everybody gets them. Some of the sides effects associated with Trimethoprim are nausea and mild itchy rash.

A full list of side effects can be seen in the patient information leaflet and it is always advised you read this prior to taking any medication.


Info Leaflet

You can read the patient information leaflet for Trimethoprim online, at

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