• Femodene


Medication features

  • Combined contraceptive pill
  • Contains Gestodene & Ethinylestradiol
  • 99% effective if taken correctly


Femodene Contraceptive Pills Online

Buy Femodene pills online in the UK with Simple Online Pharmacy. Our UK registered online doctor and pharmacy service can provide you with your previously prescribed contraceptive pill. Complete an online assessment which is reviewed by our UK doctors and if appropriate, they can provide a prescription to our UK pharmacy. The medicine is dispensed and is then sent directly to your chosen address with the Royal Mail service.

If the doctor believes a face to face review to be required, a full refund will be issued. No prescription or consultation fees are charged with Simple Online Pharmacy.

What is Femodene?

Femodene is a combined contraceptive pill containing ethinylestradiol and gestodene. These active ingredients are similar to the naturally produced estrogen and progesterone responsible for controlling the menstrual cycle.

Taking this combined pill for 21 days consecutively every 28 days will protect you from pregnancy with up to 99% effectiveness. A doctor may also prescribe this treatment to help reduce period pain and heavy menstrual bleeding.

How does Femodene work?

The active ingredients in Femodene prevent pregnancy in three ways. It prevents the egg from being released by the ovaries (ovulation). It thickens the natural mucus around the cervix, making it difficult for sperm to move to where an egg could be. It also thins the lining of the womb which prevents an egg from implanting on the wall if ovulation and fertilization occur.


Combined pills, such as Femodene pills, are up to 99% effective when taken correctly. This means for every 100 couples using Femodene for 1 year in trials, only 1 woman fell pregnant. If Femodene is not taken correctly (missed pills/ late pills) the effectiveness may fall to 91%. Pill reminders can assist with helping to remember your pills.

Feomodene is not effective at protecting against sexually transmitted infections. If the sexual health of a partner is unknown it is recommended to use barrier contraception.

Femodene dose

To take Femodene, swallow whole one pill every day around the same time for 21 consecutive days. 

After the 21 consecutive days of pills, take a 7-day break in pills. During this time you will experience a breakthrough bleed. This is similar to a regular period, but not a period. This will generally start 1-2 days after you stop active pills. Start the next pack of 21 pills after the 7-day break even if you are still bleeding.

Missed pills

If you forget to take a pill and it has been less than 12 hours since your usual time, take the pill as soon as you remember and take your next pill at your usual time. The effectiveness of the pill should not change if this is done.

If you forget a bill and it has been more than 12 hours since your regular time, take it as soon as you remember and take your next pill again at your usual time. Contraceptive coverage may be affected in this case and it is recommended that extra contraception such as condoms are used for 7 days of active pills to ensure you are fully protected from pregnancy.

For further in-depth information about missed pills, read the patient information leaflet.

Femodene Summary


Take ONE pill daily as directed by your doctor

Type of medicine

Combined contraceptive pill


Prevents ovulation, sperm movement and egg implantation to prevent pregnancy

Active Ingredient

30ug Ethinlestradiol & 75ug Gestodene


From £12.95

Side Effects

Can include headaches, nausea, mood changes, breast soreness

Alternative Contraception

Many alternative contraceptive methods exist. Each can contain slightly different active ingredients which will affect each person differently. Finding the right contraceptive pill or method for you may take time and consultation with a doctor. 

Alternative contraceptive pills can be found in our online contraceptive pill clinic. Do not make any changes to your current oral contraceptive pill without consulting your doctor first.

Femodene ED is a very similar contraceptive, containing the same active ingredients as Femodene. The difference is Femodene ED contains 7 inactive pills that are taken during the usual break in pills. This is good if forming habits helps you to remember your contraceptive pill.

If you wish to learn more about non-pill contraceptives such as the contraceptive coil, injections, barriers, IUDs, patches and implants read more about 'Which contraception is suitable for me'.

Which Contraception is Suitable for Me?


When should you start Femodene?

It is best to start Femodene on the first day of your next period. This will provide protection from pregnancy with your first pill.

Does Femodene have side effects?

Yes, like all medicines it can have the potential for side effects. Not everyone will experience side effects but if you do, consult your doctor. For a list of side effects, read the patient information leaflet.

Can you use Femodene while breastfeeding?

There may be more appropriate options for breastfeeding women than Femodene pills. Consult your doctor to discuss your options. Breastfeeding does not always provide reliable contraception.

Can I buy Femodene online?

Yes, you may buy Femodene online from a UK registered online doctor and pharmacy service legally. You must however still see your regular doctor for your standard 12 monthly screenings.

Is Femodene effective for acne?

Research suggests that combined pills like Femodene can improve acne conditions. It is important that if you have acne you speak to your doctor or pharmacist who may be able to assist with guiding your treatment.

Will Femodene cause depression?

Mood changes are listed as a possible side effect of Femodene although only 1-10% of women may get this effect. If you notice any mood changes, make sure you discuss these with your doctor.

Side Effects

Femodene side effects

Like all medicines, there is the potential for side effects when using Femodene. This can vary in rarity and severity.

Some common (1-10%) side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • Weight changes
  • Headaches
  • Mood changes
  • Breast tenderness

Some more severe but much less common side effects can be allergic responses, changes in risk of blood clots and certain cancers. It is important that if you experience any serious side effects or side effects that are causing discomfort, you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

For a full list of possible side effects, read the patient information leaflet.


Info Leaflet

Before using any medicine, it is strongly recommended to read the patient information leaflet. It contains important information regarding the use and safety of Femodene.


Warnings and Precautions

Risk of blood clots and cancer

All combined pills can slightly increase the risk of developing blood clots and certain cancers. It is important this risk is understood and discussed with an appropriate health professional. 0.09-0.12%  of women using Femodene combined hormonal contraceptives will develop a blood clot in a year compared to 0.02% of women not using a combined pill.

Similarly, the risk of breast and cervical cancer may increase with pill use slightly. For detailed information regarding the small increase in risk consult your doctor or read the patient information leaflet.

Due to these risks, the combined pill is not appropriate for all women. Women with chronic high blood pressure or a history of breast or cervical cancer may need to consider alternative options. Discuss this with a doctor.

Do not use Femodene if you:

  • Are allergic to any listed ingredient in Femodene pills
  • Have had a blood clot previously
  • Have a blood disorder affecting clotting
  • Have uncontrolled very high blood pressure
  • Have experienced migraines with aura
  • Have severe liver disease
  • Have had a heart attack or stroke
  • Have severe diabetes

Other Medicines and Femodene

Some medicines may interact with Femodene, reducing its effectiveness which may result in an unwanted pregnancy. Ensure you always inform your doctor or pharmacist that you are taking Femodene when being prescribed other treatments. If you temporarily require medicine that affects your contraceptive pill, you may need to use additional contraceptive methods such as condoms.

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