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What Are Hair Loss Vitamins?

Hair loss occurs in both men and women for a variety of reasons. Genetics, hormones, stress, medicines, medical conditions and nutritional deficiencies are all linked to hair loss. Because of this, fighting hair loss is often a battle of addressing the underlying causes of the condition.

Medicines, medical conditions and hormone imbalances leading to hair loss should all be managed with medical advice from a doctor and appropriate treatment but this can still leave deficiencies in vitamins important in supporting hair health.
This is why dietary supplements are specifically formulated for hair loss. They aim to support hair health by addressing vitamin deficiency from your usual diet. Like all diet supplements, they are not required for those who get enough nutrients from their diet.

There often lies the problem, most people are not counting the vitamins in each of their meals. This makes it easy to unknowingly become deficient in a vitamin important for hair growth. This is why Nourkrin and Viviscal have been specifically formulated to address these deficiencies.

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What Are The Best Vitamins For Hair Loss?

There are an overwhelming number of supplements for hair growth on the market. It becomes difficult to discern which contain useful vitamins and which are throwing in extra ingredients to add a few pounds to the price.

As a guide for the best vitamins for hair loss, you can look for the following ingredients in the supplements:

  • Biotin – Known as vitamin B7, this vitamin helps the body to absorb protein components, one of the most important nutrients for maintaining hair. This is one of the key ingredients in most hair, skin and nail supplements.
  • Zinc – Important for hair growth and repair. Assists in keeping oil glands around the hair follicles healthy which in turn keeps hair healthy.
  • Iron – Iron deficiency causes anaemia which can cause a number of health problems including hair loss. True iron deficiency should be managed with a doctor with a therapeutic iron supplement but mild dietary deficiency may be assisted by the small amounts in these supplements.
  • Vitamin C – Assists in the absorption of iron from the diet and supplements, assisting in preventing anaemia. Also used by the body to create collagen, an important component of hair.
  • Vitamin D – Another important vitamin in general for hair and bone health created by the skin when you get sunlight.
  • Vitamin A – Helps the glands make sebum (an oil) to keep the scalp healthy and moisturised. A lack of this oil causes irritation, itching and hair loss.
  • Amino Acids – Also known as broken down proteins, amino acids are perhaps one of the most important nutrients in hair growth. The hair is made up almost entirely of protein.

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How Do Hair Loss Vitamins Work?

Hair loss vitamins work by filling in the dietary gaps of the vitamins and minerals essential for preventing hair loss, promoting hair growth and keeping the existing hair healthy. To do this they will contain a combination of the best ingredients for hair loss at various strengths depending on the product. Evidence can vary from product to product and it is important to consider before spending money on any supplement.

It is important to note that like all medicines, these hair loss supplements may cause some side effects in a very small percentage of people. These more likely occur if supplements are not required and levels of certain vitamins get too high.

Are They Effective? The Scientific Evidence

Only a few hair loss vitamins and supplements have evidence that they work. These are often your well-known brands such as Nourkrin and Viviscal who are willing to spend the money and time to prove their product works.

Nourkrin has dedicated 30 years to research, with over 100 studies evaluating its effectiveness. Among these studies, the general consensus is that if a dietary deficiency exists, the supplement provides significant improvement in hair growth and density.

Viviscal has 25 years of hair sciences behind them with 7 clinical studies looking at their products effectiveness.
As with all scientific evidence, there can be some limitations or bias in some studies however, the overall results seem to support supplement use when required.

Vitamins For Hair Loss In Women Vs Men

Nourkrin and Viviscal, along with some other supplements, have specific hair loss vitamins for women and men. The differences between the two are slight changes to ingredients and the strengths of some components. This is because male and female bodies require slightly different amounts of certain nutrients.

Both brands have attempted to optimise the levels based on the specific needs of men and women.

Can I Use Hair Loss Vitamins With Other Treatments?

Yes, you can use hair loss vitamins with hair loss medicines such as Finasteride and Minoxidil (Regaine). Beating hair loss involves addressing all the possible underlying causes. As all 3 medicines target different underlying causes, they may all be used in combination for hair loss. 

Finasteride and Minoxidil are particularly effective treatments for male pattern baldness as they are clinically proven with strong evidence.

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Where Can I Buy Hair Loss Supplements?

Hair loss vitamins are available online or from most high street pharmacies. Most major vitamin brands will have a form of hair, skin and nail vitamin available. Which brand you select should be based on the evidence the company is able to provide. This is why Simple Online Pharmacy has chosen to make Nourkrin and Viviscal on their own or in combination with prescribed treatments.

Simple Online Pharmacy is committed to providing the best prices online across all our listed medicines.

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