In this post, we look at the new weight loss injection Wegovy (semaglutide). We will be covering how exactly the medicine is injected and how to make the process as comfortable as possible. No one likes injections and needles but Wegovy has been designed to be as comfortable and accessible as possible, only needing a once-weekly injection. Follow this guide and the resources provided by Novo Nordisk to make your injections as effective and pain-free as possible.

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How to inject Wegovy pens

The Wegovy weight loss injection pens can be used in 3 easy steps. The text guide below has some additional tips, but you can also find all the relevant information at the end of the Wegovy patient information leaflet provided by the manufacturer.

Step 1 – Preparation

Step one is to prepare the pen and yourself for the injection. To do this, begin by looking at your Wegovy pen for the expiry date. Do not use the medicine if it is expired. Then check the dose of your Wegovy pen to make sure it contains the correct dose for you.

Next, pull off the pen cap and check through the pen window that the medicine is clear and colourless. If the medicine in the pen looks cloudy or coloured, don’t use the pen.

Make sure you use a new needle for each time you inject. Each pack will contain 4 needles for each weekly dose. Tear off the paper tab from the needle and push the needle straight onto the pen. Turn the needle until it’s on tight.

Remove both caps from the needle, but keep the outer needle cap to help with disposal later. You can dispose of the inner needle cap.

New Pens

For the first injection of each new pen, you need to check the flow of the pen. Turn the dose selector until you see the flow check symbol, which looks like two dots and a dash.

Next, hold the pen with the needle pointing up. Press and hold in the dose button until the dose counter returns to -0-. A drop of Wegovy should appear at the needle tip, this shows that the pen is ready to use.

Dose selection

Turn the dose selector until the dose counter stops and your prescribed dose is shown. When your prescribed dose lines up with the pointer, you’ve selected the dose.

Where to inject

Next, decide where you would like to inject the Wegovy pen. You have a few options here, the upper arm, lower stomach (at least 2 inches/ 5cm away from the belly button) or the front of your thighs (upper legs). The choice is yours here but we have a few tips for making this easier and more comfortable.

  1. Most importantly make sure you rotate (change) the injection sites and avoid using the same injection place too often. Do not inject into any area with scars, bruises, stretch marks, hardness or inflammation (red/warm). These tips will help reduce the discomfort significantly and prevent other complications. 
  2. The injection for Wegovy is what’s known as a subcutaneous injection which is a medical way of saying an injection into the fat just under the skin. This means the needle is tiny, only long enough to make it through the top layer of skin. Typically these hurt much less than other injections. To make these much easier, you can pinch the area gently while you inject creating a nice firm surface. This is particularly useful for the legs and lower stomach areas as opposed to the upper arm.
  3. Ensure the injection site you choose is clean. You may choose to give the area a wipe with an alcohol swab or wash it with soap and water.

Wegovy Injection Pen

Step 2 – Injecting Wegovy

Insert the needle into your skin and press and hold the dose button until the dose counter shows 0. Continue to press the button and count slowly for 6 seconds before removing the needle from your skin.

Step 3 – Disposing of the Needle

After your injection, put the needle tip into the outer cap (that you removed earlier). Making sure not to touch the needle, push the outer cap completely on. Unscrew the needle and dispose of it carefully.

You must ensure you dispose of it properly to protect yourself and others. To do so you can use a sharps bin and dispose of the bin according to the NHS guidelines.

Wegovy Dose Schedule

Understanding the dosing schedule for Wegovy is very important for understanding what you might expect from the treatment. The dose is started low at 0.25mg per week and increased every month over 5 months until you reach the maintenance dose of 2.4mg. The dose schedule will be:

  • Month 1 – Starting dose – 0.25mg each week (Green Pen)
  • Month 2 – 0.5mg each week (Pink Pen)
  • Month 3 – 1mg each week (Brown/ Hazel Pen)
  • Month 4 – 1.7mg each week (Blue Pen)
  • Month 5 – Maintenance dose – 2.4mg each week (Black Pen) 

Wegovy dosing & side effect

The reason the dosing schedule is important is to minimise side effects from the treatment. The side effects of Wegovy are common at the start of treatment but tend to improve significantly over time as your body adjusts. 

The most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation. This is why starting on a low dose, allowing your body to adjust slowly before increasing is so important to make your experience with the medicine better. In trials, gastrointestinal side effects caused only 4.5% of patients to stop the medicine as most began to feel the severity subside with time.

It should be noted that the maintenance dose might not be right for everyone and if you experience prolonged side effects your doctor may decide a lower dose is more appropriate for you. This was done for those in clinical trials who found 2.4mg caused too many side effects for them.

What do the different coloured Wegovy pens mean?

The different coloured Wegovy pens are to indicate your current dose. Each dose will be in a different coloured pen. This helps you and healthcare workers such as pharmacists identify the right pen for your dose.


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