Diprobase Cream 50g
  • Diprobase Cream 50g

Diprobase Cream 50g

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Product features

  • Effective treatment for dry skin conditions
  • Hydrates & Protects
  • Also available in a 500g pump


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Diprobase Cream is used to relieve the symptoms of dry skin conditions such as eczema. The product has no active ingredient in it. Instead, it is a mixture of liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin which creates a greasy moisturiser.

When applied correctly on the affected area, it prevents water evaporating from the skin surface.

What is Diprobase cream 50G?

It is an emollient moisturising and protective cream used to soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin and stop further moisture loss. It contains a mixture of liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin which relieves and soothes red, inflamed, damaged, dry, or chapped skin. It is particularly effective in the treatment of eczema and other dry skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis

How does Diprobase work?

The skin absorbs Diprobase cream emollient and this helps to soothe the irritated and sore skin by replacing lost moisture which had caused it to become dry. The formula has a greasy texture which can increase the absorption time which creates a barrier over the skin which helps to prevent further moisture loss.

What is Diprobase cream used for?

Diprobase is used in the treatment of dry skin conditions.  Diprobase is often referred to as Diprobase eczema cream as the product offers an effective treatment that helps moisturise, dry,chapped and irritated skin.

Diprobase cream can also be used to help relieve dry and irritated skin caused by dermatitis, psoriasis and ichthyosis.

Diprobase on the face

Diprobase emollient is safe to apply on the face when treating dry skin. Take care to avoid contact with the eyes and mouth when applying.

Diprobase for babies and children

Diprobase is suitable for use on babies and children’s faces. Apply before eating to prevent irritation on sensitive skin.

Diprobase Pregnancy

Diprobase cream emollient is suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before use.

What Alternatives are there for Diprobase?

Many alternative products exist on the market. Many are similar, focusing on soothing and rehydrating the skin as well as preventing further moisture loss. The main differences in treatments are whether the product is a cream, ointment or lotion. Please note, what works best for each patient will vary based on the severity of eczema. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist to ensure each product is suitable for you.

Zerobase Cream
Hydromol Ointment and Cream
Epaderm Ointment and Cream
Aveeno Lotion and Cream


What is Diprobase used for? 

Diprobase cream and ointment deeply moisturise and protect skin that is prone to becoming dry, flaky and irritated. Diprobase is gentle on the skin and so is suitable for use even on babies. It is used daily to keep skin healthy when you are suffering from a range of long-term skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

How often to use Diprobase cream? 

You should always use Diprobase cream as often as your doctor has specified.  Speak to your GP or pharmacist for further advice.

Diprobase can be used daily?

Diprobase can be used daily however you should always speak to your doctor or pharmacists for specific instructions on use.

Is Diprobase a steroid cream?

Diprobase does not contain steroids but contains soft and liquid paraffin which help to soothe and hydrate areas of dry skin while also protecting against further moisture loss.

Is Diprobase safe to use on the face?

Diprobase emollient is safe for use on the face during dry skin treatment, Avoid contact with eyes and mouth, speak to a doctor or pharmacist if prolonged use is occurring.

Can Diprobase make eczema worse? 

Diprobase is used to help soothe eczema symptoms, if you find your eczema symptoms have become worse, discontinue use and speak to your doctor or pharmacist. 

Can I use Diprobase for babies?

Diprobase is suitable for use on babies   Apply before eating to prevent irritation on sensitive skin. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist for further guidance treating dry skin on babies.
What is the difference between Diprobase and Zerobase cream?
Zerobase and diprobase are used to treat similar dry skin conditions. Zerobase is an emollient which helps to treat dry, flaky and chapped skin.  Zerobase also contains liquid paraffin and soft white paraffin which have a moisturising action on dry skin.  

Speak to your doctor or Pharmacist for further information on product use and specific directions.

Where else can I purchase Diprobase?

We are confident that Simple Online Pharmacy offers Diprobase at the best value price possible.  However if you would like to compare against some of our competitors search “diprobase cream boots, diprobase superdrug” or “diprobase cream tesco” on Google.

Side Effects

Are there any side effects for Diprobase?

As with all medicines, there is a slight possibility of side effects although not everyone will experience them. 

You may experience:

Burning (especially if applied to raw skin)
Skin inflammation
Many of these effects can be attributed to the condition of the skin when applying. Use caution when applying to skin that may be too damaged. Seek medical advice if the skin has major breaks.

Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at medicines.org, or by contacting us.


How to apply Diprobase Cream?

Apply the cream as directed by your health professional. You should consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you are unsure how much to use.  

Apply the cream to the affected areas and gently rub it into the skin. The number of times the cream should be applied daily will vary based on the severity of the dryness and skin damage.

If being used for eczema, you may wish to apply before bathing in order to prevent the skin from drying further.

If the condition of your skin gets worse or is not improving with use, stop using the cream and consult a doctor or pharmacist for alternative treatment.

If you forget to apply the cream, apply as soon as you remember and proceed as normal, there’s no benefit to applying more than the regular amount.


Do not use Diprobase if you:

Are allergic to any of the ingredients
Commonly get contact dermatitis upon contact with chlorocresol and cetostearyl alcohol


Diprobase Ingredients

The ingredients for Diprobase Cream are white soft paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, macrogol cetostearyl ether, chlorocresol, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid and purified water.

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