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A dosette box is a convenient medication management tool designed to help organize and dispense daily medication doses, ensuring patients take their medications correctly and on time. It simplifies complex medication schedules by separating doses into compartments labeled by day and time.


Free NHS Dosette Box Delivery UK

You can receive a free compliance aid solution if you are taking four or more NHS medications, from our UK online pharmacy.

Our Pouch solution is delivered to your door, with all your medication sorted and organised into time of day, and days of the week!

We have revolutioned what you can expect from a dosette box. No more large fiddly plastic containers. You can easily take your small daily pouches out, and take them with you on a day trip or long weekend.

What is a dosette box?

A dosette box is a container to store your tablets. It also arranges your tablets by day and time of day. Every day is separated into 4 sections: morning, lunchtime, evening, and bedtime. Your tablets are pre-packed into the right time of day by our pharmacy team and delivered to your door every month for free.

Dosette boxes are sometimes also known as blister packs, medication boxes or pill dispensers.

How can I receive one?

At Simple Online Pharmacy, we can prepare and deliver your medication in a weekly dosette box. Our service is free of charge and available for anyone prescribed 4 or more repeat prescription medicines. Our UK registered pharmacy provides this service to help people who struggle to manage their medication or find it time-consuming to organise their medicines every day.

We take care of your medication management for you and deliver either 28 or 56 days' worth of dosette boxes to you (depending on your prescription). This is for patients who are on existing NHS medications.

To sign up for our dosette box NHS service, simply register for our online NHS repeat prescription service. Then, when placing your prescription order at, select ‘dosette box’ as your preference. Our pharmacy team will do the rest!

A dosette box is different from a 7-day tablet box. With dosette boxes, your tablets are organised into 4, weekly trays. Each week is separated into days. Each day is then separated into:

  • Morning
  • Lunchtime
  • Evening
  • Bedtime

We put your medications into their specific pouches foe each time of day. So, if you take three tablets in the morning and two at bedtime, these will all be in a specific pouch for that time of day.

Many people who are on several medications find it difficult to always get the right tablets at the right times. To fix this, they will often buy a plastic tablet box and organise and pop their own pills into the correct time slots. 

With our pouch solution, we make your life easier by doing all the pill-popping and pill organising for you! We remove the hassle of organising your own medication.

We can arrange your prescriptions each month from your GP or pharmacist (depending on your GP surgery), and deliver the completed Dosette Box to your door.

Dosette box or 7 day pill box?

There are some key differences between dosette boxes and 7 day pill boxes:

  • For a 7 day pill box, you need to organise your own medication. With our service, we organise your prescriptions, dispense your medication into the Dosette Boxes, and deliver it to your door. For free!
  • 7 day pill boxes only cover 7 days! We deliver either 28 or 56 days worth of dosette boxes (depending on your prescription). This is far more convenient and takes away the hassle of organising and planning your medicines.
Dosette box7 day pill box
We organise medicines for youYou have to organise your own medicines
Contain 28 or 56 days of medicationOnly contain 7 days worth of medication
No hassle of going to a pharmacyTime-consuming trips to the pharmacy 

Medication Made Simple

The Simple Online Pharmacy dosette box service allows you to have all your monthly medication, pre-packaged at the correct times of day, and days of week. The medication aids allow you to clearly see what tablets need to be taken at what time of day. If you ever miss a dose, you’ll be able to see exactly what tablets you missed.

Many people find that using this service saves them time on ordering, organising and taking their medication. If you struggle to stay on top of managing your NHS prescription tablets, this service may help you regain control. Many older people take several medications long-term and this can be a great way to help you organise your medicines.

So what are you waiting for? Register to receive your free monthly Dosette box today, by registering for our online NHS repeat prescription service.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team for further help. They will be happy to help and can give you more information about the service. You can also view our frequently asked questions.


How do you get a dosette box for your medication?

Our free service is available for patients who have 4 or more NHS prescription medicines on repeat. Simply register at for our online NHS repeat prescription service. When ordering your prescription, select the preference ‘dosette box’ for your medication. Our pharmacists and pharmacy team will do the rest of the work!

Are dosette boxes free?

Usually, dosette boxes are part of a free pharmacy service to provide organised medication for patients who are on numerous prescriptions.

Do you do dosette box delivery?

Yes. For patients prescribed 4 or more NHS prescription items, we can make and deliver a dosette box if you choose this option.

How do you use a dosette box?

Times of the day and days of the week are labelled on the dosette box. You simply need to find the day and time and push the tablets out of the 'blister'. You will then have your medication in your hand, ready to take!

Can you deliver other medication?

Yes. If you are eligible for dosette boxes, we will also deliver any other medication you need alongside it. For example, your inhalers or creams.

Do you put painkillers in my dosette box?

It's up to you. As pain killers are usually taken only if required, it's usually best to provide these in the original box. However, if you always take your pain killers due to a chronic pain condition, you can request that these also go in your dosset box.


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