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Melatonin is a natural hormone supplement used to help regulate sleep, often taken to treat insomnia or adjust sleep-wake cycles, like in jet lag. It works by signaling to the body that it's time to sleep, aiding in falling asleep more easily.

  • Improves Jet Lag symptoms
  • Helps regulate the body clock
  • 15 capsule pack available


Order Melatonin For Sleep Online

You can buy Melatonin 3mg jet lag tablets for sleep regulation, from our UK registered online doctor service. You must complete a short online medical questionnaire as part of your order. This is reviewed by one of our GPs.  

If your order is approved, a prescription is sent to our online pharmacy team to dispense. From here, it is dispatched to your delivery address.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone that your body produces. It helps to control your body clock (circadian rhythm) and sleep patterns. Levels of Melatonin in the body rise at night and are lowest around the middle of the day. The tablets contain a synthetic (manmade) version of the hormone. 

Jet lag happens when your normal sleep pattern is disturbed after a long flight by travelling across time zones. This can cause various symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, feeling exhausted, and concentration problems. 

Some clinical trials have shown that Melatonin works to reduce symptoms of jet lag by around 44%. It can also shorten the duration of jet lag. Taking the tablets can help to restore your normal sleep rhythm and reduce jet lag symptoms. Sometimes doctors will prescribe Melatonin in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other conditions.

Melatonin dosage

The usual dose for adults is one tablet to be taken daily for up to 5 days. If there is no beneficial effect, the dose can be increased to two tablets daily for a higher dose. You should not eat 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking a dose.

You should take the first dose when you arrive at your destination at your usual bedtime. Take the tablets over the following days at your usual bedtime. You should not take a dose before 8 pm or after 4 am. 

When you stop taking the tablets you should not experience any harmful effects or withdrawal symptoms.

One pack of 30 tablets is enough for 3 or 6 treatment courses. The tablets may be taken for a maximum of 16 treatment courses per year.

Melatonin benefits

There are other medicines available to help people get to sleep. This includes drowsy antihistamines like diphenhydramine and prescription-only hypnotics like zopiclone and zolpidem. 

These other medicines only treat one symptom of jet lag by helping people sleep. Melatonin also helps people sleep but has the added benefit of shifting the body clock to improve other symptoms of jet lag. In the UK, other hypnotic drugs like zopiclone are not licensed for jet lag, whereas Melatonin 3mg is specifically licensed to treat this common problem.

We also have a collection of Melatonin reviews from real UK patients so you are able to make an informed decision before beginning treatment.

Can I get Melatonin on the NHS?

Melatonin for jet lag is not available for free on the NHS. Travel medication like jet lag treatment, medicines for altitude sickness, and travel vaccines are not routinely offered on the NHS. Generally, you can only get Melatonin for jet lag via private prescription. Other medicines are available on the NHS for people with trouble falling asleep, like drowsy antihistamines.

Melatonin gummies

You can buy Melatonin supplements, like gummies for children, over the counter in some countries to improve sleep. However, in the UK it is a prescription-only medicine and it is not available to buy over the counter. Only the lower strengths are available in the UK such as Melatonin 3mg or 5mg modified-release tablets. Melatonin 10mg in the UK is not available.

We do not recommend buying Melatonin products like gummies or Melatonin pills online because they are not authorised for sale in the UK and will be coming from an unregistered website.

Melatonin Side Effects

Like all medicines, there can be side effects to taking this medicine. The most common side effects of taking this medicine for jet lag are drowsiness, headaches, dizziness and disorientation. If you notice any unusual side effects like chest pain, palpitations, or blurred vision, you should immediately contact your doctor for medical advice.

See the patient information leaflet for further details on the possible side effects of this medicine.

Melatonin Summary


Take 1-2 tablets about one hour before bed for up to 5 days


Helps to control the sleep cycle


from £25.99

Side Effects

Can include drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, disorientation.

Melatonin Prices

30 tablets


60 tablets



Why is Melatonin banned in the UK?

There is a misconception that Melatonin is banned in the UK. It is not allowed to be sold over the counter for sleep problems. But it is available as a prescription medication from doctors and other healthcare workers. The misconception that it is banned likely comes from the fact that it can be bought over the counter in other countries, like the USA. In the UK, Melatonin is licensed as a prescription medicine for the short term treatment of jet lag. There are also modified-release tablets that are licensed for the sleep disorder insomnia in people over the age of 55. There is no licensed Melatonin supplement in the UK.

Does Melatonin help you sleep?

It is a natural hormone released by your pituitary gland in response to darkness. This controls your sleep cycle and encourages your body to sleep. Taking a Melatonin supplement increases the amount of the hormone in your body and can help you get to sleep and improve the quality of your sleep.

Is it okay to take Melatonin?

Melatonin is licensed for the short term treatment of jet lag. This means it is safe to take the medicine on a short term basis if your doctor has prescribed it for you. It should not be taken for more than 5 days to treat jet lag. You should not take Melatonin for sleep every night on a long term basis.

Is it bad to take Melatonin every night?

You should only take this medicine as your doctor has told you to. Because it is only licensed for short term treatment, you should only take it for up to 5 days after crossing time zones on a long flight. Taking this medicine long term is more likely to cause side effects.

Where can I buy Melatonin in the UK?

Melatonin tablets in the UK are a prescription-only medicine. This means that you need a prescription and cannot buy it over the counter. You should be careful when buying Melatonin online because some websites are unlicensed and may be selling counterfeit medicines. Simple Online Pharmacy is a fully licensed online pharmacy and doctor service registered with the GPhC and the MHRA. You can order Melatonin online by completing an online assessment for our doctors to review. If your order is approved, your medicine will be dispatched from our online pharmacy.


Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at, or by contacting us.



You should not take this medicine if you are allergic to Melatonin or any of the other ingredients in the tablets. Certain people should consult their doctor or pharmacist first. This includes people with epilepsy, diabetes, and liver or kidney problems.

You should avoid drinking alcohol with this medicine because alcohol can cause sleep problems and potentially worsen jet lag symptoms. You should not eat 2 hours before or after taking a dose because it can affect how well the tablets work.

See the patient information leaflet for details about which medicines can interact with this medicine.

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