Gaviscon Liquid Aniseed 300ml
  • Gaviscon Liquid Aniseed 300ml

Gaviscon Liquid Aniseed 300ml

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Product features

  • Effective heartburn treatment
  • Provides fast relief
  • Peppermint flavour available


Buy Gaviscon Liquid Aniseed 300ml Online 

Alleviate the pain and discomfort of gastric reflux with Gaviscon heartburn and indigestion liquid aniseed 300ml. The original Gaviscon formulation with fennel flavour instantly gets to work for soothing and long-lasting relief. 

Effective active ingredients

Made with sodium alginate sustainably sourced from brown seaweed, Gaviscon heartburn and indigestion liquid targets irritating stomach acid on contact. It quickly forms a barrier over stomach contents to stop acid from rising into the oesophagus and soothe unpleasant burning sensations in the chest.

Combined with sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate antacids, Gaviscon liquid treats heartburn and indigestion instantly while providing relief that lasts up to four hours. That's up to two times longer than regular antacids.

Multi-symptom relief

Gaviscon heartburn and indigestion liquid combats the classic symptoms of indigestion that often arise due to eating heavy meals, eating too quickly, fatty or spicy foods, stress, pregnancy and more. Common unpleasant sensations include:

  • Burning feeling in the belly, chest or throat
  • Sour or salty-tasting fluid in the back of the throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Pressure behind the breastbone
  • Rumbling, gurgling or cramping in the stomach
  • Bloating or excessive gas
  • Needing to burp
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

Whether symptoms occur after meals, near bedtime or during the night, Gaviscon heartburn and indigestion liquid helps to relieve and protect you from the disruption and potential harms of acid reflux. 

Easy to use

Gaviscon's original oral suspension formula is easy to administer and suitable for children and adults 12 years and older. If you’re pregnant, ask your doctor or midwife for medical advice before using Gaviscon. 

Gaviscon heartburn and indigestion liquid aniseed 300ml is sugar- and gluten-free for people with dietary considerations. If you've been advised to follow a low-sodium diet, take special care and ask your doctor before treatment.  

Always read the information leaflet before using this product for the first time.

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Save 10%Now £5.66 Was £6.29
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