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    • Free delivery to your door
    • For NHS patients on 4 or more medications
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Pill Box Organiser for NHS Prescriptions

You can receive a free pill box for your NHS prescriptions from our UK registered online pharmacy. If you are on at least 4 NHS repeat prescriptions, our pharmacy can organise and deliver your medication to your door. Our pharmacy team can help organise your medication into easy to use pouches, which contain the right medicines, for the right times of day. Making taking your medication simple! 

What is a pill box?

A pill box is simply a container that usually contains your medication arranged by time and day. For example, if you are on 5 medications, 3 of which are taken in the morning and 2 taken at night, your pill box will have these tablets in the corresponding time slots. Most traditional daily pill organisers require you to deblister the medication and pack them at the right times yourself.

Our pill boxes are different from traditional 7 day pill boxes. With traditional pill boxes, you need to organise your own medication every week. Our pill boxes contain a roll of 28 to 56 (1 or 2 months supply of medication) easy to open pouches.

We dispense your tablets into these pouches for specific times and days. These pouches can be easily torn off the roll and opened to remove the pills. Watch the video above to see how this works. . .easy isn't it?

The medication in the pill box is arranged by:

  • Day of the week
  • Time of the day

So if you take your medication 3 times daily, you will have 3 pouches a day from the pill box and each pouch will contain your tablets for that exact time of day. 

How can I register?

Registering is easy. Simply provide us with your key information to allow us to coordinate your medication with your NHS GP surgery. Signing up for this service means you never have to leave your home or spend time and energy organising your tablets. We will arrange your prescriptions each month with your GP surgery (depending on your surgery) and your completed daily pill box will be delivered to your address for free.

What’s more - our artificial intelligence systems check each individual pouch to make sure your pill box contains the correct medication. These are then double-checked by our pharmacists before being dispatched to your chosen address by Royal Mail.

7 Day Pill Box vs Simple Online Pharmacy Pill Boxes

So what are the key differences between our pill boxes and a 7 day version? We’ve outlined them below:

  • Instead of having to organise your own medication every week, with our pill boxes we organise your tablets for you and deliver them every month. 
  • A 7 day pill box is actually less portable! Our 28 day pill box allows you to tear off exactly how many doses you need, so you only need to take what you need with you. A 7 day version often requires you to take the whole box out for the day, with our tear pouches you can just rip off the 1-2 doses you need. You will probably be able to put your medication in your pocket, however, it will still be contained within the pouches.
  • 7 day pill boxes only last. . . . well, 7 days! Your 28 day pill box lasts four full weeks and is far more convenient and requires less planning and organisation.

Weekly Pill Box vs Monthly Pill Box

Most pill boxes available to buy are weekly plastic containers, with either a single compartment (for once-daily dosing) or 2 compartments (for twice-daily dosing - also known as an am-pm pill box). 

These can be very large, often take up a significant amount of space, and cumbersome. Monthly plastic pill boxes are rare, and even larger and heavier to carry around. With our monthly service, however, the design allows you to take out just whatever you need for any given day, or week, and place the pouches neatly in your bag.

So what are you waiting for? Claim your free monthly pill box today, by registering for our online NHS repeat prescription service. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our customer service team for additional help.

Simple Online Pharmacy. Helping you keep living. . .Simple :-)


 Does it have a compartment open for each day?

The Simple Online Pharmacy pill box works a little differently than plastic versions. As you receive all 28 days of your medication in one box, you don’t have compartments for each day. Instead, the roll of pouches covers every single day of the month and every time slot for each of those days. The entire roll of pouches may contain as many as 112+ pouches to cover each day and time. 

Does the pill organiser contain all of my daily pills?

Yes, unless you are prescribed a medication that needs to be stored in the fridge or need some medication kept outside the pill organizer for other reasons.

What happens if I have other medication I need to order?

We can order your other ‘when required’ medication, and deliver them alongside your regular medication.

Does the pill box come with a case?

Our free pill box is a small cardboard box, with a roll of pouches rolled up inside. These pouches feed through a slot at the front of the box, for each time of day and day of the week. This allows you to receive both your daytime medication and nighttime medication in pouches designed for easy open.

Does the tablet box provide a pill reminder?

No. The box is not electronic, and will not notify you when a dose is due. It simply sorts all your prescriptions into the correct times of day, to make it easy to quickly and accurately take your medication.

What happens if I have a medication which needs to be stored in the fridge?

Fridge items can be excluded from your pouches, and instead sent in special packaging alongside it, for you to place in the fridge upon receipt.

What happens if I have a weekly tablet?

Weekly tablets can either be supplied alongside your pill box or, if you let us know the day you take it, in a separate pouch within your pill box at the right time and day.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Depending on what medication you have missed, it may be best to either discard the pouch or take the dose as soon as you can. You can ask our pharmacists or your own GP for advice about missed doses for specific medicines.

What happens if my medication changes?

Each pouch contains the description of each tablet on the outside of the pouch. If your GP tells you to stop taking a particular medicine, you should be able to easily remove them from your pouch. For your next delivery, we will then be able to make the necessary change.

What is the difference between a pill box, pill dispenser and pill organiser?

These terms are often used interchangeably and often mean the same thing. They are simply containers that allow you to organise your tablets into time slots, so you can easily take the correct medication for each day. 

What happens if I have pain killers I only take when needed?

These can be sent to you alongside your pill box, to be taken whenever required. They will not be dispensed in the pouch but will be delivered at the same time. This means you can take your painkillers when required.

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