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Travel Sickness

Travel Sickness Treatments

With Simple Online Pharmacy, our UK registered Doctor can prescribe travel sickness tablets to help make your road, rail or sea journey more enjoyable. The treatments work by reducing confusion in the brain which arises when what your eyes are seeing and what your motion sensors (in the inner ear), sense. Promethazine and Hyoscine are the two widely used active ingredients to treat motion sickness.

Once you have completed the online doctor consultation, our doctor will review your assessment and prescribe the selected medication if it is approproate. Our pharmacy will then dispense and dispatch your prescription to your door.

So if you suffer from travel sickness, make sure you get your treatment today, and turn those once excruciating journeys, into an experience you can enjoy. If you feel that tablets aren’t right for you, you can also try some of our travel sickness bands.

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