Salbutamol may be prescribed for people who have asthma or who suffer from emphysema or other lung-based diseases. The drug opens up the airways and makes it much easier for people who experience difficulty breathing normally.

How the Drug Works

Salbutamol is what is known as a short-acting beta 2 agonist. You can find it in a number of different forms, such as evohalers, respirator solutions, nebules and syrups, among others. The drug is particularly useful for opening up closed or restricted airways.

When you cough or wheeze, your airways are restricted. That usually means that your respiratory muscles are contracted and very tight. The drug Salbutamol acts on the beta 2 receptors in the respiratory system and forces them to relax. This opens up the airways and allows you to breathe more easily. It works incredibly fast, usually providing effective results in a matter of seconds.

Restricted airways are incredibly common during emphysema and asthma attacks. When the airways start to close up or narrow, it becomes hard to breathe, and the same volume of air is trying to get in and out of your lungs and airways, despite the hindrance. Your body still needs the same amount of air, and it will do everything it can to get that needed oxygen. This creates stress on the airways and causes wheezing and coughing. By opening up the airways, normal breathing can resume.

Taking Salbutamol

This drug will only work properly if you take it in accordance with your doctor’s instructions. Taking too much or too little of it can be dangerous or result in the drug not working the way it is supposed to. If you take it with other medications, without first consulting your doctor, then you can suffer severe complications. Be sure you only take the drug when you need it and do not mix it with alcohol or medications unless you have spoken to your doctor about it first. You can read about the side effects of Salbutamol here.

This drug usually comes in an inhaler, and you would only use it during times of bronchial stress when you have trouble breathing. This can even include during coughing or wheezing fits.

You can also use the inhaler preventatively, such as right before you exercise. Since exertion can cause you to have breathing troubles when you suffer from some form a lung disease, using the inhaler in this way may prevent an attack completely and allow your breathing to remain normal and permit you to keep exercising and enjoying yourself for longer.

If you feel that you need to use the inhaler frequently, let your doctor know. He may prescribe you with a different type of medication that will work with your needs better.

Salbutamol may not work for normal coughing attacks and wheezing and other breathing problems if you do not have asthma or another lung condition. It may also be too potent to be safely used for such purposes. Talk to a doctor before you self-medicate and find out if this drug is the right choice for you.

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