Repeat Prescription Scotland

Prescription Delivery in Scotland!

Please Note: This service is currently on hold. We are aiming to resume service to Scotland in early 2021

Out Scottish patients can now order their NHS repeat prescriptions online via our new NHS website and app.

For years, online prescription ordering and delivery has been available to patients in England due to the electronic prescription service. We’ve often received enquiries from Scottish based patients as to why they are unable to use this service. The answer has always been due to the lack of an electronic prescription service in Scotland. 

However, the time has come, and now you can order online and receive your prescriptions to your door.

While paper prescriptions are still required in Scotland, which means we still need to organise for a paper copy of your prescription to be sent to us by your GP practice. We can provide your GP with self-addressed Freepost envelopes, so your prescriptions can come directly to our pharmacy each time you place an order.

How does prescription delivery in Scotland work?

It’s really quite simple. First, you need to create an account with our NHS online prescription service. Next, add in your repeat medications to your profile, and set when they are due. 10 days before your medication is due, you can opt to receive e-mail or SMS reminders to place your order.

Then, just select the medications you need, and place your request. From there, our pharmacy team will take over and do the rest. We will contract your GP surgery and let them know the medication you are requesting.

Once the GP has signed your prescriptions, your GP practice should be able to use the Freepost envelopes provided, to send them directly to us.

Our pharmacy will then dispense and dispatch your medication, with delivery either via our own vans or Royal Mail.

Can you package my medication in blister packs?

Yes! Our repeat prescription service gives you the option to receive your medication in blister packs or pouches. If you are on more than 4 repeat medications, this option will be available to you.

One thing you need to consider with blister pack and pouch delivery is that if your GP stops or changes your medication, you will need to be able to recognise and remove the medication.

We label all packages with descriptions of the tablets you receive, so you should have no difficulty in finding the tablet you need to stop taking if this happens. One of our pharmacy team will also be happy to talk to you regarding this.

What about Fridge items?

No problem! We can package your fridge items safely in cool boxes, and dispatch them either via RM next day delivery or our own van. 

If you are not in to sign for the fridge item, then any Royal Mail package needs to be collected within 24 hours of the failed delivery, to make sure you can put your items safely back into the fridge.

What does prescription delivery cost?

Nothing 🙂

We don’t think it’s fair that Scottish patients have been unable to take advantage of the convenience of app-based ordering and delivery services, that patients in England get. We want to improve access to online services for patients in Scotland, and definitely don’t expect you to pay for it.