The blue pill or the little blue pill is a common nickname used for the erectile dysfunction (ED) medication Viagra. Viagra was the first and most well known oral treatment for ED created back in 1998. 

The colour and shape of the pill have since become iconic, the little blue diamond pills stamped with the Pfizer logo are easily recognisable around the world. It was only natural they got the nickname as it became a quick and discrete way of referring to the pill seen all throughout movies and pop culture.

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What is the ‘Blue pill’?

The Blue Pill, What Exactly Is It?

Unlike in the movie The Matrix with the blue and red pill, if you take this blue pill you will not simply wake up in your bed. Viagra (Sildenafil) increases blood flow to the penis making it significantly easier to gain and maintain an erection. The effects of Viagra won’t directly give you an unwarranted erection. You will still require some sexual stimulation or sexual arousal to gain and maintain your erection, but the amount you need is reduced significantly.

The blue pill comes in a variety of strengths, most of which are prescription-only, requiring you to speak to a doctor to get a prescription. This unfortunately stops men from seeking out a perfectly normal treatment for a medical condition. After all, studies have shown 50% of men experience ED in their lifetime and 25% experience it under 40. 

Times have fortunately changed and you may now consult a doctor online for Viagra through a short survey to ensure safety, without having to face down a doctor grilling you about your ED. You may also get some strengths of Viagra over the counter.

Our UK registered doctors assess the survey for safety and if appropriate, issue you a prescription that goes directly to our UK pharmacy who dispense and send the blue pill directly to you.

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Taking the blue pill for ED

Part of the popularity of the pill is due to its simplicity. Take one pill on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before sex. Each dose will work for between 4-6 hours.

As the blue pill comes in 25, 50, and 100mg strengths you may need to figure out what the right dose for you is with your doctor. You can read more about what strength might be right for you in our which strength of Sildenafil is the best article.

You may take 1 dose of Viagra per 24 hours. Never use Viagra in combination with another ED treatment as it can lead to side effects like very low blood pressure.


Blue pill side effects

The little blue pill, like all other medicines, can have some side effects and may not be suitable for some people. Viagra can’t be used if you have recently had a heart attack, have heart disease, suffer from chest pain (angina) and use nitrate medicines, or have uncontrolled high blood pressure. Ensure that your doctor knows all of your medicines and medical conditions before using the medicine to ensure it is right for you.


A warning about knock-off blue pills

Unfortunately, some unsavoury companies use the nickname to mislead the public. Many Viagra knock offs have used the colour and even shape of Viagra to create fake, herbal or otherwise unproven treatments for ED. 

Ensure when you buy the little blue pills that you know what you are getting and where it is coming from. For your own safety, you should only buy your medicines from UK registered pharmacies where you know the medicines have been tested, proven effective and safe.


Alternatives to the blue pill

The Blue Pill, What Exactly Is It?


Since Viagra in 1998, many alternative oral ED medicines have been made, all with slightly different effects. The great thing about this is if one treatment doesn’t work for you, another might. Here is a list of the most popular ED treatments and how they compare to one another.

    • Sildenafil – The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil citrate so their effects are identical. Also often blue it is also known as a little blue pill. The difference? It’s vastly better value than Viagra. Viagra is around £4.84 per tablet while Sildenafil is just 86p!
    • Cialis (Tadalafil) – Known as the weekend pill, Cialis/ Tadalafil got their own nickname due to lasting up to 36 hours, or long enough for an entire weekend. Not only this, they have in fact become cheaper (as low as 67p a tablet) than the blue pill since the release of generic Cialis in 2017. You can find out more about the differences between the blue pill and Cialis by reading our Cialis vs Viagra article.
    • Spedra – Spedra is the fastest acting ED tablet on the market working in just 15-30 minutes, 2-4 times faster than the blue pill. It can provide you with the edge you need if the time to onset is a big factor for you.
    • Levitra (Vardenafil) – Levitra and the generic Levitra are quite similar to the blue pill in onset and duration of action however, they do provide a safer option for men with diabetes.


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