Jelqing is a method used to increase the length and girth of the erect penis. There are various methods of jelqing. The manual method is done on a flaccid of semi-erect penis. The man holds the penis between his thumb and index finger. He then gently pulls from the base to the head of the penis in a fluid motion. This is repeated for a few minutes. Machines or devices can also be used for jelqing. These can include weighted devices, levers or stretchers. If you purchase a device, ensure you only buy from a website that you trust. Whatever method you use for jelqing, never do so for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, and never use too much pressure or force. You should not experience any pain, but if you do, you should stop immediately.


Is Jelqing Safe?

If you are gentle and do not use too much pressure or force when jelqing is should be safe. If you are using any devices for jelqing, you should be especially careful, as you may have less control than if you were to use the manual method. Using lubricant when jelqing may help prevent chafing. Jelqing should never be undertaken when erect as this can cause tearing of the blood vessels, bruising and pain.

Does Jelqing Work?

There is no evidence to suggest that jelqing does increase penis size. However, some men do believe that it works, and it may help some men to build self confidence. Men do not need to feel that the size of their penis is inadequate. The average vagina is only 3 inches long and will stretch to accommodate a penis of various sizes. You should not feel pressured into jelqing by anybody. If you feel pressured by a sexual partner, you should let them know that it is unlikely to have any noticeable effects and you may find that there are other underlying relationship issues.

Can Jelqing Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can occur after injury to the penis. If you are not gentle when jelqing or if you do it for too long, you may damage the penis, which can result in erectile dysfunction. If you have injured your penis, it is a good idea to seek medical attention.