Have you ever wondered what makes you attractive to the opposite sex? While personality is obviously a huge factor, our survey looked at the top physical features that make us sexy. These physical preferences can change over age, location and even salary, so you can really see where your own body and your own preferences fit in.

Attractive parts of a woman

Attractive body parts of a male

Attractive body parts by age

Attractive body parts by US state

Attractive body parts by income

So, what is the most attractive part of a woman? Unexpectedly, men actually rated a women’s face as her most attractive feature at a massive 46%. Perhaps this explains why make-up is so popular with women. In second place, was the ass with 18% of the votes – no surprises there… But this was shortly followed by the hair at 11%. Legs, boobs, stomach, eyes and others competed for the remaining 26%. So it looks like men really do prefer a woman’s posterior  to their breasts now, but above all, they’re after a pretty face.

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So what happens as men get older? Do their preferences change? The face remains continuously popular, although this increases as people age. Oddly, the eyes are not as important as the whole face, with popularity being more prominent with the under 50’s. The preference for legs and boobs is fairly consistent across all ages, but it looks like the interest in the ass actually decreases over time. Perhaps explaining why butt enhancement surgery is increasingly popular at the moment. We don’t know yet whether the 18-24s will grow into old men who still like the ass as much, or perhaps tastes mellow over time and the face will always be the most important feature for men over 65.

Given that the face is so much more popular than other features, with 46% of the votes. It comes as no surprise to find it is the state preference across the US, but there are exceptions. Montana and Nevada prize the ass above the face. Maryland, Wyoming and South Dakota, equally appreciate the hair and the face. While Rhode Island prefers ass and face, Washington DC prefers ass and hair and New Hampshire really can’t make up their mind with equal votes going to ass, boobs and hair. Standing bravely alone, Vermont is the only state with a preference for boobs above all else – we may never know why…

Preferences by income show that salaries don’t really matter. Generally, most men, regardless of salary, prefer the face. However, right in the middle, at $75000-$99000 dollars, the men prefer the ass. It could be age related, perhaps a lot of young success stories are earning at that level, or it could be something else entirely.

There’s more of a spread across women’s preferences in men. Contrary to popular opinion, women seem to much more concerned with the body below the neck than men are. Only 2% preferring the face above all else. Taking the lead is the chest at 24%, closely followed by hair at 22% and arms at 19%. These preferences suggest the importance of muscles in making a man more attractive. This is supported by the 13% preference for abs and the 9% for the v-cut. So, if you want to be more attractive to women, get a good hair-cut and head to the gym. With just a 1% preference for legs, it looks like it’s probably okay to skip leg-day after all.

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As women age, the hair becomes more important and the v-cut preference fades out. Consistently, women seem to state men’s arms as the most attractive feature. Although the chest peaks in popularity at 45-64 years. Instead, for younger women, the abs are more important, decreasing steadily with age. The face is the least important feature, but peaks at 25-34 years, whilst legs are most popular amongst 35-54 year olds.

There is a lot of variation in preferences geographically. Arms tend to be more popular the further north you go. Whilst, chest is popular throughout the US, but predominantly on the West Coast and in central states. Hair is dispersed evenly across the country, often being rated equally to other features in Texas and the east. The v-cut is most popular in only two states: Wyoming and Tennessee. Alabama is the only state to prefer legs overall, although West Virginia rates legs and abs equally. Hawaii and Georgia are the most indecisive, with a preference for arms, hair and chest in Georgia and arms, v-cut, abs and chest in Hawaii.

Interestingly the preferences are also tied to income. At the lower end, arms are the more important feature, but they also take precedence in the $75000-$99000 wage bracket. The other salaries all prefer the chest, unless they earn over $150000 in which case abs take the lead.