Marvelon is an oral contraceptive that both stops the egg from releasing and changes the consistency of mucus on the cervix to make the uterus lining less habitable for sperm. Because it causes hormonal changes, it is possible that you will experience side effects while taking this drug.

What are the common side effects?

The most common side effects include headaches, menstrual cramps, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, weight changes, diarrhoea, dizziness and back pain. For most people, these side effects are going to be quite mild, and they should go away in time as your body gets used to the drug. If you experience these side effects in any severe way, then you need to let your doctor know. Severe side effects mean that your body is rejecting the drug, and you need to stop using it and find an alternative.

Can you be allergic to Marvelon?

You may also suffer an allergic reaction to the drug. There are several different ingredients in Marvelon, and you could be allergic to any of them. You will know you are having an allergic reaction if you start to break out in hives or rashes or you have some trouble breathing. You may also feel itchy or experience some swelling in your tongue or extremities. If any of these symptoms occur, then you need to contact medical help right away. Allergic reactions have the potential to be the most dangerous kind of side effects because they can be fatal in some cases.

What are the serious side effects of Marvelon?

There are some serious side effects you need to watch out for as well. They include lumps in the breast tissue, increased bleeding during periods or less bleeding than normal during periods, spotting between periods, depression, flu-like symptoms and severe headaches (like migraines). If you experience any of these symptoms, then you need to get medical help right away. These side effects can be indicative of a serious medical condition or dangerous interaction, and they need to be treated right away before the problem becomes worse.

What should you do if you notice any side effects?

Aside from those listed here, there may be other possible side effects as well. Ensure that you always read the patient information leaflet thoroughly and if you experience anything out of the ordinary, contact your doctor and get advice on how to proceed. Some side effects can occur if you do not follow the dosage procedure with these pills. If you take too much or skip a dose, you can exacerbate the side effects or increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Because hormonal changes affect everyone differently, your side effects could be different from what has already been discovered. It’s a good idea to let your doctor know once any side effects begin.

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