There can be some confusion about the difference between erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Before we go into that, let us start with the basics; the process behind getting an erection. The sexual arousal circuit is complex; not only does it involve the brain, but also a variety of hormones, nerves, muscles, blood flow to the penis, and most importantly your emotional state.

If any one of these individual processes in the erection circuit is disrupted, it can result in erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, mental health worries such as stress or performance anxiety can cause or perpetuate erectile dysfunction. Most cases of erectile dysfunction usually stem from a mix of both physical and psychological issues.

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs in about 10% of men. It is not uncommon for men to have trouble with maintaining an erection every now and then; if it presents as a recurring issue, it is referred to as erectile dysfunction. ED is defined as the lack of ability to get or maintain an erection during sexual activity. Up to 25% of cases of ED are related to medication side effects, while alcohol use is another common cause of ED. ED Symptoms: Inability to get an erection Inability to keep an erection Reduced libido

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) happens to 1 in 3 people at some point in their life. As the name suggests, PE is when ejaculation (semen leaving the penis) occurs sooner than wanted during sex. PE is not normally a cause for concern if it does happen. A diagnosis of premature ejaculation is considered if you: Commonly or always ejaculate occurs 1-3 minutes after penetration Unable to delay ejaculation during sex at all or most of the time Feelings of frustration or annoyance leaving to avoidance of sexual intimacy Symptoms of PE: Being unable to delay ejaculating for more than 3 minutes after penetration

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Treatments for ED

ED is treatable with a medication called Sildenafil. You might know Sildenafil by its branded name, Viagra – Sildenafil is the name of both the active ingredient in Viagra and the generic formulation. Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor – it blocks the action of an enzyme responsible for regulating the blood flow in the blood vessels of the body, including the penis. Blocking this enzyme increases blood to flow into the penis with the presence of a sexual stimulus. It is important to understand that these medications do not result in random erections. Erections normally only occur when you are sexually stimulated and aroused.

Sildenafil, Viagra, and Viagra Connect

Sildenafil is the generic drug name for Viagra both use the same active ingredient, and have similar effects. Viagra is a medication only available with a prescription; however, Viagra Connect is an over-the-counter formulation of Viagra, available without a prescription. You can order Viagra through Simple Online Pharmacy by taking a quick assessment, to judge if the medication is right for you. One of our doctors will review your answers, and if they have no concerns, will prescribe you Viagra and we will post it straight to your doorstep. Viagra Connect also requires you to answer a few questions to judge your health and the suitability of the medication but doesn’t require a prescription.

Treatments for PE

At Simple Online Pharmacy, we also provide multiple treatments for premature ejaculation. Priligy is a serotonin inhibitor, which can increase the length of time it takes to ejaculate. There are also topical creams available – these reduce the sensitivity of the penis, meaning it requires much more stimulation before ejaculation can occur. EMLA cream and Stud spray both operate as numbing agents, meaning they can be used to help treat premature ejaculation. While Sildenafil can be used to treat ED, it can also be used as a treatment for PE. As above, this will require a prescription.

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