How do ED medications work?

In the UK, all approved erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs belong to a group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. They work by relaxing and widening your blood vessels. This helps to increase the amount of blood flowing to the penis when you get an erection. Increasing the blood flow to the penis can help you to obtain and maintain an erection. 

Why is my ED medication not working?

It can take a while to find the best erectile dysfunction treatment for you. Sometimes you have to try a few different ED medications to find the one that works best for you. Simple Online Pharmacy sells a wide variety of ED medications; we even offer a trial pack containing sildenafil (generic Viagra), tadalafil (generic Cialis) and vardenafil (generic Levitra), so you can try out different ED treatments at a low cost and find out which one works for you. 

There can be a number of other avenues to explore if your treatment is not working, which we’ll outline below.

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What to do if your ED medication is not working

If your ED treatment is not working, there are five things you should check first:

  1. Check the use-by date on the medication. This is usually printed on the box and also stamped or printed onto the strip that the pills come in. Never take out-of-date medication. 
  2. Check that your medication is from a reputable source. Simple Online Pharmacy and other reputable online pharmacies display a green cross logo on their website (often at the bottom of the page) to prove they are a registered pharmacy. This logo should contain a number which you can check on the General Pharmaceutical Council register. 
  3. Check how you have been storing the medication. Most medication needs to be stored in a cool dry place with a temperature below 30°C. Do not leave medication in damp environments, in the car, or on a windowsill as it may reduce its effectiveness. 
  4. Remember that most ED medications do not work instantly. For Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil), you may have to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before you experience any effects. 
  5. All ED medication requires sexual stimulation to work. Taking ED medication does not give you an erection. Instead, ED drugs can help you to get an erection when you are engaging in sexual activity. 

If you have checked those five points and your ED treatment is still not working, we recommend you speak to your doctor. They may be able to adjust the dose of your medication or prescribe a different treatment. They can also investigate if there may be any underlying causes that stop the medication from working such as underlying health conditions or performance anxiety. 

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What is Viagra and does Viagra always work?

Viagra – also known as the little blue pill – is the most well-known ED treatment on the market. It contains sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient. 

This drug belongs to the same class as other ED medications like Levitra, Cialis and Spedra, however, Viagra is the oldest of the four drugs. Since Viagra, pharmaceutical developers have tried to reduce the side effects and improve the effectiveness of ED medications. For this reason, Viagra may be slightly less likely to work than newer drugs like Spedra.  

No drug is 100% effective, but if Viagra is not working for you it is important to explore the reasons behind this. As mentioned above, there could be a problem with the age, storage or quality of your medication. 

It is also important to remember that Viagra takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to work. It can take longer to work if you do not take Viagra on an empty stomach. You should also bear in mind that you still need sexual stimulation to get an erection; Viagra will not automatically give you an erection.

If Viagra does not work for you, you should also speak to your doctor. They may give you a higher dose of Viagra, or change you to another medication such as Levitra, Cialis or Spedra. They can also investigate you for any underlying medical conditions that may influence Viagra’s effectiveness. 

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