Essential Nutrients for Healthy Hair

We love our hair. It’s something we wear everyday with pride. We take care of it, clean it, and moisturise it, and put effort into it every day. While there is genetics at play when it comes to length and thickness of hair, we still have some power to keep our hair strong and healthy. 

Nutrition plays a big role in good hair care. Eating a healthy balanced diet is a great first step to not only take care of your body’s health but your hair health too.  In this article we will delve into all things vitamins and supplements that can boost hair growth nutrition. 

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Diet for Healthy Hair

Iron, zinc, vitamin C and D are a few specific nutrients linked to healthy hair. If your diet is deficient in these, you might notice hair thinning or loss. Along with these nutrients, other vitamins like the B vitamins and selenium are commonly found in hair loss medications that promote hair growth. 


Iron is not only an essential vitamin for our general health benefits but also our hair. Iron plays a key role in our energy levels as it aids our red blood cells to carry oxygen all around our body. Iron deficiency can not only cause tiredness it can lead to hair loss. Iron deficiency is common in women who are pregnant or who struggle with heavy periods or those who do not get enough iron rich food in their diet. A good source of iron is red meat, liver and leafy green vegetables. You can supplement your iron naturally with these foods or with iron supplements easily found in any pharmacy. 


Zinc and hair health are tightly linked. Zinc is a key player in our body’s immune system  and wound healing. It is a key nutrient in building new cells and enzymes. Signs of zinc deficiency along with weight loss and rashes is hair loss. You can also get zinc supplements from your local pharmacy. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C, a vitamin we have heard a lot about, is key to maintaining and repairing our bones, teeth and blood vessels. If we do not get enough Vitamin C it can lead to a condition called scurvy. This can lead to weak and brittle hair. Great sources of vitamin C are oranges which are a great snack and delicious to eat. Otherwise, there are vitamin C supplements available over the counter in most health stores. 

Vitamin D 

Most people in the UK are vitamin D deficient. With the low sunlight levels in the winter, most people do not get enough Vitamin D in this region and require supplementation. It is recommended by the NHS that the people living here supplement their Vitamin D levels. Other natural excellent sources of Vitamin D are oily fish (also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids), red meat and liver. 

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Food to help grow hair

Just like we supplement our body, we also need to supplement our hair with vitamins and minerals to help our hair grow. While hair thinning and loss is not desired, it is a natural part of ageing and nutrition can only go so far in stopping this. 

There are medications now that can slow down the process of hair thinning, but it is important to remember it does not stop or reverse this process at all. Genetics or environmental factors are a huge part in male hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is an inherited genetic cause of hair loss. Alopecia areata, another type of hair loss, can be a result of stress or autoimmune conditions. 


Minoxidil and Finasteride are two medications that have been approved for use to treat hair loss in men. 

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