Hair loss is a common problem among both men and women. The best time to start treatment for hair loss is while you still have hair left. While some treatments may allow for new growth, for the most part once hair is gone, it’s gone. Follow this quick guide on the early signs of hair loss to get started on treatment as soon as possible.

Hair loss is a natural part of ageing. Both men and women may experience hair loss as they age. While men will find their hairline recedes, women may find their parting becomes wider as hair thins. This is a natural consequence of the actions of testosterone in the body. 

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How Does Hair Growth Work?

As your hair grows, it passes through growing, transition, resting and shedding phases. In hair loss, the hair follicles become unable to leave the resting phase, meaning they are no longer producing hair, and cannot move into a new growth cycle before dying off. This is why some medications can cause new hair growth; they reactivate these resting hair follicles before they die off, meaning hair grows as normal.

Types of Hair Loss

However, some people may experience hair loss earlier, or more severely. We can categorise several types of hair loss, including; 

  • androgenic alopecia (male of female pattern baldness) 
  • medical conditions such as telogen or anagen effluvium or alopecia areata 
  • psychological conditions such as anxiety or trichotillomania.

You may notice bald patches on your head. Finding hair in your shower or on your pillowcase is normal. On average, we lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair each day. However, large clumps or tangles of hair falling out may be a sign of acute hair loss. 

In particular, keep an eye on your brush after you shower – this is the most common time to lose hair. If you are presenting with large bald patches outside of male/female pattern areas, we advise speaking to your doctor. This may be a sign of alopecia areata, or telogen effluvium. 

Both of these conditions cause hair loss, and can be treated. In some cases, these conditions are caused by high levels of stress. By removing the cause of stress in your life, you may find that these conditions can improve.

You may notice a change in your hair line. If you are concerned, try taking a photograph of your hairline each night, and compare them each week to track any changes. In male pattern baldness the hairline will recede, moving further back on the forehead. In female pattern hair loss, the parting will seem to widen, as the hair in the parting thins out.

Causes of Hair Loss

One of the most common causes of hair loss is stress. Stress and anxiety can contribute towards hair loss, either making existing problems worse or by actively causing the hair loss. For instance, in alopecia areata, it is believed that stress and anxiety cause an autoimmune response. This response causes the body’s immune system to begin attacking the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. 

You may also notice balding spots or thinning in your eyebrows or beard. This can be a sign of alopecia areata, and should be presented to your doctor as soon as it is noticed.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options available for hair loss. In some cases, surgery may be appropriate – hair transplants and plugs are becoming more common, and in some cases laser therapy may help.

Here at Simple Online Pharmacy, we offer several treatments for thinning hair. Our focus is on medications which can help slow or stop hair loss, and in some cases can encourage hair regrowth if you catch hair loss early enough. 

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How Simple Online Pharmacy Can Help With Hair Loss

We currently offer Propecia, and its generic equivalent Finasteride. Both of these are offered through our Online Doctor service; each will require a brief consultation with one of our UK-trained pharmacists. Simply answer a few questions, and our pharmacists will see if your chosen hair loss treatment is right for you. If successful, we can arrange delivery straight to your door in plain, discreet packaging.

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We also sell products which can help hair look and feel thicker, but may not cause the secondary growth associated with Propecia/Finasteride.

Alpecin shampoos contain caffeine as an active ingredient. The manufacturers claim that Alpecin’s caffeine formula helps to stimulate the scalp and the hair follicles, producing hair that is thicker and stronger.