Hair loss

Losing your hair is not anything to be worried about, but it can be upsetting.

You can get advice on the options available to you below or start your assessment to receive treatment for your hair loss.

Hair loss articles

Finasteride vs Minoxidil: What’s Right for Me?

Here at Simple Online Pharmacy, we supply a large number of treatments for hair loss. Come with us today as we look at two in particular; finasteride and minoxidil, the pros and cons of each, and even whether you should use them together!

Hair Loss Help Center

Our hair loss help center provides links to all the main pages that can help answer your questions about hair loss, Finasteride and other hair loss treatments.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

How much hair loss is normal? Join us as we look at what causes hair loss, how much to expect, and what to do about it!

Vitamins For Hair Loss – Are They Effective?

There are an overwhelming number of supplements for hair growth on the market. It becomes difficult to discern which contain useful vitamins and which are throwing in extra ingredients to add a few pounds to the price. Find out what vitamins are effective and how to get them.

Finasteride vs Propecia

How To Stop Hair Loss

Stopping hair loss early is key to keeping and regrowing as much hair as possible. Find out the reasons you are losing your hair and how to stop it.