Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man ejaculates too quickly during sex. There is no specific time frame, however, if early ejaculation becomes a problem for the man and his partner it is classed as premature ejaculation.

Step 1: Work out the cause

There are two kinds of premature ejaculation, primary and secondary. Primary premature ejaculating problem begins from the teenage years, when the man becomes sexually active. His initial sexual interactions psychologically condition him into finishing quickly, which becomes a lifelong issue later if it goes unnoticed in the beginning. The second kind of premature ejaculation occurs later in life, where external factors such as depression, anxiety and health, and internal health factors such as prostate disease reduce the sexual intercourse length overall.

Step 2: Try some quick fix techniques

There are loads of tips you can use to delay your own orgasm and to help your partner get their faster. Whether you take medication to help your premature ejaculation or not, it’s a great idea to incorporate some of these techniques into your sex life.

Developing Control:

One way to prolong your sexual experience is by building control. There are two ways to do so. When men feel like ejaculating or reaching climax, they can squeeze the head of the penis, in order to pause the brain from building climaxing. Another way to build control is to pause and take a deep breath when they feel like reaching climax, which again tricks the brain into pausing the internal climax building up gradually for release, which ends up in lasting experience.


Masturbation has been known to increase stamina and prolong sexual performance. Science has recorded that men who engage in healthy masturbation on a weekly basis lead better sexual lives. Masturbating on the same day as you intend to have sex, may help you delay ejaculation. However, if you do masturbate too close to having sex, you may find it difficult to get and maintain an erection.


While your partner might prefer you to be in the moment, it can be really beneficial to learn to distract yourself during sex. Think about projects, tasks or other non-sexual things that can confuse your mind and help you to delay ejaculation.

Thicker Condoms:

Thicker condoms reduce the sensitivity in the penis. The reduction in sensitivity helps prolong the sexual experience, as the nerves present in the penile area are not as active as they would be without a condom. This leads to a slower threshold build-up in the body, delaying climax.

Girl on Top:

Positions that help you have more gentle sexual intercourse may help men delay orgasm. Girl on top positions can be great for this, because it allows your partner (if female) to move in the best way for her pleasure, while also preventing you from moving in the best way for your pleasure, helping to delay ejaculation.

Slower Pace:

Try having sex at a slower pace and slow right down, if you think you’re going to orgasm quickly. A slower pace can still be really enjoyable, but if your partner likes things a little more intense, you could consider stimulating them in other ways i.e. rubbing the clitoris or playing with the nipples or anus, if they’re comfortable with that.


Making the most of foreplay can help your partner to climax quicker. Learn how to pleasure your partner with your hands, mouth or sex toys. You can either help them orgasm before having penetrative sex, or bring them very close to orgasm before penetration, so that they are more likely to orgasm quickly, before you ejaculate.


After ejaculating, many men feel really tired. If you can overcome this tiredness, you can help satisfy your partner, but also, you may get aroused again, allowing you to perform sexually again. Sex toys can be a really good way to finish off sex if you’re tired after ejaculation, because some sex toys can be very satisfying and do a lot of different things, but don’t necessarily require that much effort to use. But using your mouth or hands can be just as effective in helping your partner climax too.

Try Out Mutual Masturbation:

Ask your partner what techniques they like most in masturbation or foreplay. You can even get them to demonstrate for you. This can help you relax in front of your partner, but it also will help you understand exactly what you can do to satisfy them sexually. You can then incorporate these techniques into your foreplay, to help you both get the most out of your sexual experiences.


Step 3: Pick a treatment

If the cause of your premature ejaculation is psychological, involving anxiety, depression, or conditioning, you may benefit from seeing a psychologist, counsellor or sex therapist about your problems. They should be able to get to the root of your issues and to help you overcome them. In the meantime, medications may be able to help you overcome your premature ejaculation, but it is better to seek psychological help for a long-term fix.

For premature ejaculation with a physical cause, or if you want a temporary solution to other forms of premature ejaculation, you could use medications such as EMLA cream or Priligy.

EMLA Cream

EMLA cream is a topical numbing cream that you apply to the skin of the penis. You should use it 15 minutes before having sex. Then you should wash it off, to avoid also numbing your partner’s sensation.


Priligy is a tablet containing the active ingredient dapoxetine. Dapoxetine is a type of drug called an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). Serotonin is a chemical involved in communicating within your nervous system, it is also involved in erections and ejaculation. You take a 30-60mg Priligy tablet 1-3 hours before you expect to have sex, and it should help you to delay ejaculation.