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Emla Cream

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Medication features

  • Please note this variation of EMLA cream is not used for Premature Ejaculation (PE). The EMLA for PE is available here
  • Numbing agent prior to blood tests, tattoos, and injections
  • Contains  lidocaine and prilocaine which act as a local anesthetic


EMLA Cream

You can buy EMLA Cream online from our UK registered online pharmacy. Please read the associated information about this medication to make sure it’s safe for you. You can then place your order. After completing any associated assessment form, our pharmacists can then review your order and, if approved, dispatch to your chosen address. If for any reason your order is not approved, a full refund is issued.

About EMLA cream

EMLA Cream is a commonly used anaesthetic which is applied directly to the skin prior to many different procedures. EMLA Cream contains two active substances called lidocaine and prilocaine. EMLA acts as a local anaesthetic by numbing the surface of the skin for a short time and it is applied to the skin before certain medical procedures. This helps to prevent the sensation of pain on the skin; however, you may still have the feelings of pressure and touch.

Directions of use for EMLA cream

EMLA cream can be used to numb the skin before the following procedures:

Having an Injection such as blood tests
Some variations of Skin grafts
Minor skin operations
Emla cream will help reduce any pain or discomfort that you may feel during a minor procedure, such as when blood is taken if you are having a cannula (drip) put in, or during a small surgical procedure such as removing a lump.

Emla Cream Summary


Apply to the skin for numbing when required

Type of medicine



Contains 2 local anaesthetics which numbs the area when absorbed

Active Ingredient

Lidocaine & Prilocaine


from £5.19

Side Effects

Can include skin redness, skin irritation, rash

Elma Cream Prices

5g tube


30g tube


Alternative Uses of EMLA Cream:

EMLA Cream can also be used for Premature Ejaculation (PE), however, this variation of EMLA Cream is not for PE. The EMLA for PE is available here.

EMLA Cream Reviews

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 What can EMLA cream be used for?

EMLA cream is used to numb the skin before the following

Prior to having tattoos
Prior to having an Injection
Prior to blood donating and testing
Who can use EMLA cream?
EMLA cream can be used by both adults and children, and babies (full term).  

Can I use EMLA cream if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?

No. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to speak to their own GP before using the cream.

Do I use a dressing with EMLA?

Once EMLA has been applied to the skin a waterproof dressing should be applied and can be left for 1 to a maximum of 5 hours.

How long can I leave EMLA cream on for?

For EMLA cream to be effective it should be left on the skin for a minimum of 1 hour up to a maximum of 5 hours for adults.

Is EMLA cream safe to use?

EMLA cream like all medications can cause side effects to patients, although not all patients will suffer from these. Common side effects of EMLA (around 1 in 10 people) include slight swelling of the skin, redness of the skin, or some temporary paleness of area where EMLA was applied.

I am allergic to Lidocaine can I use EMLA cream?

No, as EMLA cream is made up partly of Lidocaine it is advised that you should not use the medication if you are allergic or suffered problems in the past.

Can I keep EMLA cream in the fridge?

Yes EMLA cream can be kept in the fridge if required, however, it should never be frozen.


Side Effects

Side Effects of EMLA Cream

All medication can have potential side effects, however, not all individuals will experience these.

Severe allergic reactions:

These are rare and could affect less than 1 in 1,000 individuals however if you experience any of the following symptoms you should immediately  stop using EMLA Cream and seek medical attention straight away:

  • Experiencing a rash
  • Experiencing shortness of breath
  • Experiencing low blood pressure, (this can make you feel light-headed, dizzy or faint).
  • Experiencing swelling of the body, the face, (including lips and tongue). Due to the lack of oxygen, your skin may turn a bluish-grey, and if this occurs you should visit a doctor immediately.

Common side effects:

These affect less than 1 in 10 people individuals:

  • On the area where the cream is applied, the skin can become red, slightly swollen or pale. After a short time, this usually will go away.
  • A sensation of itching or burning when EMLA is applied to the genital area.

Uncommon side effects:

These affect less than 1 in 100 individuals

  • A sensation of itching or burning when EMLA is applied to the skin.
  • Experiencing a mild allergic reaction, which could cause swelling or a rash.
  • Small red dots on the area where EMLA was applied. (This side effect is more common in children with skin conditions, for example, atopic dermatitis or Mollusca.
  • Irritation of the eye if EMLA if contact is made with eyes accidentally.

Rare side effects:

These affect less than 1 in 1,000 individuals:

  • A tingling sensation where EMLA was put on the skin.


Info Leaflet

Before taking any medication, it is important to read the Patient Information Leaflet. You can find information leaflets for your medicines by typing them into the search bar at medicines.org, or by contacting us.



EMLA Cream can be applied to the skin for numbing prior to the following:

  • Insertion of a needle (e.g. prior to an injection or a blood test).
  • Minor skin surgeries.
  • Some variations of skin graft.
  • Leg ulcers cleansing and debridement.

EMLA Cream can also be used to numb genitals on adults prior to:

  • Receiving injections.
  • Certain medical procedures, for example, wart removal.

A healthcare professional will either apply or will show you how to apply EMLA Cream. You will need dressings from your doctor or nurse to use with EMLA if you are applying EMLA yourself.

For children over 12 years old and adults:

  • If EMLA is being used prior to small procedures: a thick layer of EMLA Cream is applied to the skin. The dose is usually 2g applied for 1 to 5 hours beneath a dressing.
  • If EMLA is being applied prior to hospital procedures (e.g. split-skin grafting): the dose is usually 1.5 g to 2 g for each skin area that is 10 cm², applied for 2 to 5 hours beneath a dressing.
  • If EMLA is being used on large areas of newly shaved skin prior to outpatient procedures (e.g. hair removal procedures): the dose is usually 1.5 g for each skin area that is 10 cm², applied for 1 to 5 hours beneath a dressing.
  • If EMLA is being used to treat leg ulcers prior to cleaning or debridement: the dose is usually 1-2g for each skin area that is 10 cm² up to a total of 10 g. EMLA is applied beneath an airtight dressing, for example, a plastic wrap. This process is carried out half an hour to an hour prior to the cleansing of the ulcer. The cream should be removed using cotton gauze and the cleansing should be started immediately.
  • If EMLA is being used on genital skin prior to local anaesthetics injections (only for adult men): the dose is usually 1 g for each skin area that is 10 cm² in size, applied for 15 minutes beneath a dressing.
  • If EMLA is being used on genital skin prior to a minor skin surgery (for example wart removal for adults only): the dose is usually 5 g to 10 g of cream applied for 10 minutes with no dressing. After this, the medical procedure would be started straight away.

(If EMLA Cream is being applied to the genitals then your doctor or nurse would supervise this. Directions for use would be specific for what EMLA is needed for.)


  • Up to 10 g of EMLA on a total skin area no larger than 100 square centimetres.
  • Application time: approximately 1 hour, up to a maximum of 5 hours.


Up to 20 g of EMLA on a total skin area no larger than 200 square centimetres.

  • Application time: approximately 1 hour, up to a maximum of 5 hours.




EMLA Cream should not be used if you are allergic to lidocaine, prilocaine or any of the other ingredients it contains.

You should always consult a healthcare professional prior to using EMLA Cream if the intended user:

  • is anaemic (a blood condition meaning you have too few red blood cells).
  • has a rare inherited illness that affects the blood (known as ‘glucose-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency’.)
  • has a problem with blood pigment levels (known as ‘methaemoglobinaemia’.)
  • has a skin condition (such as ‘atopic dermatitis’.)
  • is a pre-term newborn infant.
  • is below 12 months and is being treated at the same time with other medications which affect blood pigment levels ‘methaemoglobinaemia’.

EMLA Cream and other medication:

You should always seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist before using EMLA Cream if you are taking any other medication as EMLA Cream can alter the way some medicines work and some medication can also alter the way EMLA Cream works, in particular:

  • sulphonamides (for example, sulfamethoxazole)
  • Other local anaesthetics.
  • Medication for uneven heartbeat (for example mexiletine or amiodarone)

If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are breastfeeding then you should seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.

EMLA Cream should not be used on the following areas:

  • Wounds, cuts or grazes
  • On irritated skin (such as a rash or eczema)
  • the eyes (rinse your eye well with lukewarm water if you do get it in your eyes), nose, ears or mouth.
  • In the back passage (anus area).
  • the genitals of children
  • newly shaved skin areas larger than 600 cm² in size.


Lidocaine, prilocaine, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, Carbomer 974P, sodium hydroxide and purified water.  water. 

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