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A Guide for Frequent Travellers Using Saxenda

Saxenda can be an invaluable medication for weight loss, but some patients find it hard to travel while balancing a daily injection. Read on, as we discuss tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Saxenda while travelling!

Global Saxenda Shortages

Global manufacturing limitations have forced us to limit our availability of Saxenda – read on to find out who is affected, and what you can do.

What is the Ozempic Dosage for Weight Loss?

Ozempic is designed to help treat type 2 diabetes, but in certain strengths, it can also help you lose weight. Come with us as we look at how to use Ozempic for weight loss.

Can You Drink Alcohol on Wegovy?

Wegovy is a popular new weight loss drug, but you may be wondering can you drink alcohol on Wegovy? Here we outline Wegovy side effects with alcohol and what you need to be aware of before you take it.

How to Use Ozempic for Weight Loss?

Ozempic is a medication designed for treating diabetes. However, it has also seen use as a weight loss medication as well. Come with us as we discuss how to use it, how it works, and what you can do.

Can You Switch From Saxenda to Wegovy?

There are several advantages to switching your weight loss treatment from Saxenda to Wegovy. Here, we explore the pros and cons of each and look at how to change your medication.