While there are many erectile dysfunction drugs available, most of them require you to plan ahead and take a pill at least an hour before having sex. In reality, many people have sex a lot more spontaneously. But spontaneous sex may still be possible, even with erectile dysfunction.


Get the Right Medication

Cialis Daily and Spedra are the best erectile dysfunction medications for spontaneous sex. Cialis Daily is a low-dose (2.5mg or 5mg) form of Cialis that is designed to be taken every day. Taking Cialis Daily should allow you to spontaneously get an erection when you need one.

Alternatively, if you do not want to take a daily pill, Spedra may be the best treatment option for you. Spedra is the fastest-acting erectile dysfunction treatment on the market, being effective in just 15-30 minutes. Therefore, if you want to have spontaneous sex, but don’t have sex very often, or if you’d prefer not to take a pill every day, Spedra may be the best option for you. If you have some warning, take Spedra a few mins before sex, but if you just get caught up in the moment, you can take Spedra and then engage in a few mins of foreplay, while the drug takes effect.

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Sex isn’t just about penetration

Remember that sex isn’t all about penetration. You can enjoy sex with your partner in other ways. You can give your partner oral sex, use sex toys or your hands to bring them to climax if you can’t get or maintain your erection long enough. In addition, some men are able to enjoy sexual activities, such as oral sex, without having an erection. If you still feel that you’re missing out and you need to have an erection, you can take a pill, and make the most of the foreplay while the drug takes effect.

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