What is Norethisterone?

Norethisterone, also known as Utovlan, is a medication used for period delay. You may want to delay your period for a holiday or a special event such as a wedding. Norethisterone allows you to safely delay your period for up to 20 days. During this time you will need to take three pills a day, to maintain the hormone levels that prevent your period. 

Can you buy Norethisterone over the counter in the UK?

Currently, Norethisterone is only available on prescription in the UK. You can get a prescription from your GP or an online pharmacy such as Simple Online Pharmacy. If you request Norethisterone through Simple Online Pharmacy, you will complete a short consultation form, this will then be checked over by our doctors who will issue your prescription if appropriate. Then your medication will be dispatched by our pharmacy direct to your door. All our medication is dispatched in plain packaging with no indication of the contents inside. 


Alternative treatments

Some types of contraceptive pill can also be used to delay your period, by taking two to three packs back to back. This method is best if you want to delay your period long-term or if you also want protection from pregnancy. If you are currently taking the pill, taking two packs back to back is likely to be the most convenient way for you to delay your period. You can safely delay your period for up to three months using this method and some women taking the combined oral contraceptive pill to choose to only have their period four times a year.