Periods can easily prove to be a major inconvenience for most women, especially when there’s a big event on the horizon. For a variety of lifestyle and relationship reasons, more women are today searching for reliable and safe methods to stop or control their periods (also referred to as menstrual suppression or delaying your period).

The most common approach is to use period delay pills, such as Norethisterone (brand name Utovlan), or by manipulating the use of birth control medication to delay menstruation by a few days. These methods are generally a solution to suit most women.

There are numerous reasons why women may want to delay their period for a few days. In fact, according to a study published in the Contraception Journal, 17% of women have reported having used hormonal contraception to delay or skip their periods. Typical reasons include going on holiday, an upcoming wedding or major event, honeymoons, a weekend away with your partner or an important business event.

Period delay pills have proven to be very effective for close to 14 days, providing much-needed relief for those women who are worried about receiving their period at an inconvenient time. You can order period delay pills Norethisterone or Utovlan from DrFelix, a fast, convenient, discreet and affordable online doctor and pharmacy and have them delivered to an address of your choice in discreet packaging. To buy period delay tablets, simply fill in a brief online consultation here to be reviewed by one of our doctors and issue a prescription if appropriate.

There are several methods for skipping, delaying, or even stopping periods altogether. These methods can be beneficial for those women who tend to find periods limiting, painful, or just inconvenient. The increase in such period suppression techniques has, however, led to an ongoing debate regarding the potential health risks that come with the natural flow of your menstrual cycle.

Breakthrough bleeding or spotting between the periods is widespread when using birth control pills for preventing or delaying periods, particularly during the initial few months. However, breakthrough bleeding will typically decrease over time as the body gets to adjust to the new medical regimen. A potential drawback of regularly delaying your periods is that it becomes quite challenging to tell if you’re potentially pregnant.

If your doctor deems it’s fine for you to use birth control pills for standard fertility control, then it’s probably quite safe for you to use them for delaying your monthly period. However, not all medical experts think it’s the best idea to postpone your period, as it can affect the body‘s natural mechanisms.

Norethisterone tablets work by preventing your uterus from shedding its lining as it would typically do when menstruation begins. It is a synthetic progesterone and comes in the form of a tablet. The dosage required to delay periods is one 5mg tablet taken three times each day.

You need to begin taking the Norethisterone 5mg tablets at least three days before your period expected start date and to continue to take it for the entire duration that you wish to have your period delayed.

Period delay pills can be used to delay your periods for up to 17 days. Once you stop taking Norethisterone, your period is most likely to resume after 2 or 3 days, although the time scale could differ from one individual to the next.

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